Vampire Survivors Character Tier List
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Tier List for each character in Vampire Survivors. Continue reading to find out which video game character most closely matches your playstyle.

The excellent roguelike game Vampire Survivors is very popular on Steam. especially in light of the fact that it was created by Luca Galante, better known by his stage name Poncle.

The game’s gameplay is akin to that of a shooter or bullet hell; you can choose from a variety of vampires and use them to take down a lot of adversaries.

The characters in Vampire Survivor are not all created equal, though. You obviously want to know which are ideal for your adventure.

Read on to learn which characters to utilize to become unstoppable and master as many waves as you can based on our rating of vampire survivors below.

Vampire Survivors Tier List Information

  • S-Tier Vampire Survivors — At the moment, in our opinion, these are the best vampire survivors from the start of the game to the end.
  • A-Tier Vampire Survivors are excellent characters who excel both early and late in the game.
  • B-Tier Vampire Survivors – These characters are nonetheless strong while being a little less effective, and the majority of them either start with weak weapons or have bad passives. They can also delete content, so they’re not terrible.
  • C-Tier Vampire Survivors – These typically start out with a significant hit and lack particularly strong passives. Most of the time, you will battle waves of numerous foes.
  • The D-Tier Vampire Survivors are currently the game’s worst characters; there are considerably better options to consider.

S-Tier Vampire Survivors Characters

The S tier is only for the most potent and OP characters in the game, starting with the finest characters in Vampire Survivor. These characters provide you with a lot early in the game and have a strong starting weapon. When using these, little strategy is required.

These are the strongest characters in the game right now, in our opinion, with excellent weaponry and both offensive and defensive abilities:

  • Arca Ladona
  • Christine Davain
  • Leda
  • Poppea Pecornia

A-Tier Vampire Survivors Characters

A-tier Vampire Survivor characters are likewise good, their starting weapons are fine and they have multiple excellent passive talents. But they simply can’t compete with S Tier characters in some regards.

  • Domario
  • Mask of the Red Death
  • Mortaccio
  • Pugnala Provola

B-Tier Vampire Survivors Characters

The ordinary Vampire Survivor characters aren’t as fantastic, but they’re also not all that horrible either.

They often don’t have outstanding beginning weaponry, passive talents, or both, but they can still do the job. However, you must work harder if you want your adversaries to die before they can catch you.

  • Giovvana Grana
  • Krochi Freetto
  • Pasqualina Belpaese
  • Porta Ladonna
  • Yatta Cavallo

C-Tier Vampire Survivors Characters

They are even marginally worse than the typical vampire survivor character in the early going, having subpar equipment and attributes. They aren’t completely worthless, though, or they wouldn’t be at this level.

  • Antonio Belpaese
  • Imelda Belpaese
  • Lama Ladonna
  • Sour Clerici

D-Tier Vampire Survivors Characters

In the current patch of Vampire Survivors, these are the weakest characters in the game. But hey, don’t be discouraged, just play whatever makes the game more fun for you!

  • Bianca Ramba
  • Exdash Exiviiq
  • Gennaro Balpaese
  • Poe Ratcho
  • Toastie

What Is Vampire Survivors?

On December 17, 2021, the Bullet Hell Roguelike game Vampire Survivor was launched on Steam. Since then, the game has gathered a sizable player community, and every single one of them has nothing but praise for the project’s creator, Luca Galante, who is currently employed at Poncle.

It’s incredible to believe that this tiny gem of a game was made by only one person, but it’s not the first. Nevertheless, this bullet hell RPG left us and over 100,000 other gamers quite impressed. To earn the greatest time and score, you must attempt to eliminate as many foes as you can.

You have to partially restart the game after each death because it’s a roguelike. You can get access to additional characters, including hidden ones like missigno.

And that’s it for our Vampire Survivors Character Tier List. Check out some of our tier lists for other games:

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