Nintendo Direct June 2022
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Videogame journalist Nacho Requena stated that the highly anticipated June 2022 Nintendo Direct will contain news on Persona and some mysterious big port to the Switch.

Third-party games will apparently be the main course of the upcoming Nintendo Direct, which is rumored to occur next week. But, at the same time, it could pop up later! So stay tuned for more news on that.

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Nintendo Direct June 2022 – What Can We Expect?

Experienced journalist Nacho Requena, editor of the Spanish video game magazine Manual, claims that he has been told to anticipate important announcements from major players in the industry during the direct. This assertion was made by Requena on Friday during a Twitch livestream.

“We should have a Nintendo Direct this coming Tuesday,” Requena said during the live stream, translated by VGC. “This will be mainly focused on third-party games, that’s what I’ve been told[…]I’ve also been told that some Persona game will be present, though I don’t know which…”

The majority of Nintendo’s first-party titles for the remaining months of 2022 seem to have been made public already via other means or previous Nintendo Directs. This would line up nicely with what Requena said during his stream.

Let The Speculations Begin…

The internet did what the internet does. And the flood of speculations has begun.

First came the smug jokes about how awesome it is that Revelations – Persona, a.k.a Persona 1, is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. But then the more serious takes came, and pretty much everyone is came to the conclusion that Persona 3, 4 and 5 are likely to get ported to the Switch. Since they are already being ported to the PC. Many are also hoping for a confirmed release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Maybe Atlus finally woke up and realized that the year is 2022. It would be nice to get access to SMT and Persona games on more hardware. Even better if they decide to bring some old goodies from the series to modern systems. Or maybe even remake some of them? One can surely wish!

Many leakers say that Red Dead Redemption 2 for the Switch will be revealed. Which is just… why? Why in the name of everything that is holy would you want to play RDR2 on the Switch? Isn’t the point to crank up the graphics and droll over all the details such as horse genitalia shrinkage?

In other news:

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