Ready Or Not Is Back On Steam, Why Was It Taken Down
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After being pulled from Steam earlier this week, Void Interactive has informed us that Ready Or Not is again available on the platform.

The tactical shooter vanished from Steam earlier this week for an unclear cause, only to be explained by Void Interactive as a “suggested trademark violation.”

Void announced yesterday (June 18) that Ready Or Not is back on Steam, with the trademark dispute likely resolved after the developer pledged to fix the problem.

After this hiccup with the Night Club map, the Early Access title is once again available for purchase on Steam. Void Interactive said it takes IP issues extremely seriously, and in a show of good faith, they have agreed to delete the relevant assets, after receiving a takedown request via Steam.

Ready Or Not Is Back On Steam – A History Of Controversies

The new Night Club map from Ready Or Not portrays the aftermath of a terrorist strike in a nightclub, with dead strewn across the landscape. On the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016, the map was also released. Causing some controversy, and causing discussion about whether VOID Interactive is deliberately trying to be controversial to spread word of mouth about their production.

Last year, it was revealed that Void Interactive had split with publisher Team17 over Ready Or Not. Only days after it was revealed that the game will contain a school shooting scenario, which quickly turned into a massive controversy, and quite to boost to the game’s “internet fame”.

Many gamers applaud VOID for threading a very dangerous ground in times where games are “overly PC” according to some. But one cannot escape the feeling that VOID Interactive seems to purposefully aggravate certain circles of the internet for their own gain. How long will it take until we are talking about another controversial level featured in ‘Ready or Not’? Only time will tell.

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