The Last Of Us Part 2 Could Be Getting Another PS5 Upgrade
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It’s been a year since The Last of Us Part 2 got its PS5 Upgrade. But how sure can we be that it won’t simply get another one? And maybe more importantly, SHOULD it get another one?

The Last of Us Part 1 remake for PlayStation 5 has with a splashy cinematic trailer and it sparked a discussion about whether it’s necessary and if it’s worth the 70$. The quality has clearly improved, but how far has technology progressed since the original game – and what should the price tag be for said improvements?

These are the types of questions that internet outlets are asking right now. But I’m going to take it a step forward into the future and ask you, is The Last of Us Part 2 Director’s Edition for PS5 worth the 70$?

Time Is A Flat Circle – Whatever Happened, Will Happen Again

I think it sorta leaves the realm of speculation and enters the realm of an “informed guess”. Even if this source is “bro, trust me”, I think it’s very likely we will see another The Last Of Us Part 2 upgrade for the PS5.

The first Last of Us Part 2 PS5 Upgrade launched in 2021. It was free, but all it really did was bring the FPS cap up to 60. But looking back at TLoU 1 remaster and now the remake. I can say with certainty that Naughty Dog is very likely to do some sort of paid Director’s Cut, or a “remaster” of TLoU 2 for the PS5. They keep updating the Uncharted series too, and no one seems to be mad at that.

If The Second Last Of Us Part 2 Upgrade For The PS5 Happens – Will It Be Bad? Or Good?

To be honest, I don’t hate the idea. Sure, I think it’s unnecessary, hell, I think Part 1 remaster is unnecessary. But there are clearly people out there who support this idea. Resetera forum post titled “Will The Last of Us Part 2 get a second PS5 Upgrade?” has a voting poll for the forum users. And 60% of voters are convinced that the second upgrade will happen.

Most of them even sound enthusiastic of the idea. After all, the upgrade could bring haptics, 3D surround sound, and resistant trigger functions to the game. Hell, it could come in with all brand new content, or side stories, and even a PC port going by the history of such re-releases by the Naughty Dog dev team.

If there’s a market for it, why not? And what do you think? Does TLoU 2 remaster sound appealing to you? What about a possible PC port? If yes, then how much are you ready to pay for it? Has the industry gone too fat into the remake, remaster, and re-release trend? Will TloU 2: Director’s Cut get a remake for the PS5, or the PS6?

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