TFT Best Team Comps For Set 7 June 2022
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Dragons are all the rage in the all-new Teamfight Tactics Set Seven, but using them effectively in the mid and late-game phases requires a well-planned early game. Join us to find out the best TFT team comps for set 7!

The Set Seven Dragonlands set, which was released on June 8, gives players a lot of choices when it comes to opening TFT combinations. To help them enter the late-game phases flush on health and econ. Following two weeks of PBE testing, players may now choose from a variety of early-game strategies to master the new set and evolve into powerful late-game compositions.

Here are some of the best TFT Set 7 comps at the debut of the Dragonlands set, ranging from rerolling and fury to mage and splash strategies.

Remember that a great comp is only half of the success. Early game Draconic Augments, especially trait Augments, can influence the game state dramatically. Synergizing champions and attributes in the early game lay the groundwork. When combined with the first Draconic Augment, opening things from Carousel and PvE rounds may quickly move players in a number of directions.

The Best TFT Set 7 Comps for Dragonlands

The Astral Dragon Comp

TFT Set Seven’s Astral trait is the Dragonlands set’s official reroll trait. When you activate the trait, every fifth store enhances your chances of seeing Astral champions while also giving you an Orb containing about three gold. Nidalee, Skarner, Vladimir, Nami, Illaoi, Varus, and Aurelion Sol are the Astral Set Seven champions. You should consider picking up any of the above with the end goal of summoning Aurelion Sol. Once you have him, you can throw away all your other Astral champions though.

The Astral Dragon Comp - Best TFT Comps Set 7
Image Credit: TFT Team Builder

You can always swap out Zoe for Nami if you are unlucky with your rolls. Lulu will combine with Bard for the Mystic trait. And then she also gets us the Evoker bonus for fielding her with Aurelion Sol. Ornn and Sylas make up part of our frontline with the Bruiser7 perk. Hecarim and Zoe do not combine with anyone really. But they both can stand on their own easily! You could always swap out these two for any origin or trait that requires 2 champions. Or you could make it 3, by enlarging your team from 7 members to 8.

The Jade Dragon Comp

Karma, Taric, Ashe, and Gnar are the four Set Seven champions with a cost of two or less in the Jade trait. Shi Oh Yu also has the Mystic trait, which makes him an excellent synergy bot for a late-game Jade Dragon + Mystic TFT combo. Ornn reappears, as he is usually the strongest 4-cost or below champion in the set to use as filler on his own. He’s also one of the set’s greatest frontline champions.

The Jade Dragon Comp - Best TFT Comps Set 7
Image Credit: TFT Team Builder

Volibear can be added once you get to level 8 for the Legend origin bonus. Lulu can also be swapped out for Voli at any point to downgrade Mystic trait but gain the Legend origin. Soraka can albo be swapped out for Gnar if you are unlucky with your rolls for the oh so important for this comp Jade trait.

Shi Oh Yu naturally is the centerpiece of this comp, much like all the dragons in the game currently he makes all the difference during a showdown. Neeko is there to up your Jade champions count. But she can also combo with Gnar for the shapeshifter bonus.

Whispers Dragon + Bruisers

Whispers Dragon + Bruisers is one of the strongest overall TFT Set Seven comps you can field at the moment. Using Syfen as the primary carry and the glue that binds your team together. Ornn is present once again, but this time he is empowered by the bruiser trait. Which just makes him a ridiculous powerhouse.

The Whispers Dragon Comp - Best TFT Comps Set 7
Image Credit: TFT Team Builder

Pyke is there to grant you the whispers and assassin bonuses. And Qiyana seals the deal with her point towards assassin and tempest. This comes back around to Ornn as he is the other tempest on the team. So you have a team full of bruisers with inflated HP values. Who debuff their enemies. Generate additional attacks with each hit. And on top of all that, the enemy team gets stunned 8 seconds into the fight. This is guaranteed to happen with how tanky your team ought to be.

All of this combined with the fact that your main damage carries of the team is a tank, so there is no “weak spot” for the enemies to latch onto. Results in one of the seriously strongest teams in a while!

The Bruiser Swiftshots Comp

While most of the TFT comps of Set 7 are all about the dragons, the Bruiser Swiftshot comp is the shining example that you can ignore them and still win! This budget comp is primarily composed of low-cost units such as Twitch, Ezreal, Illaoi, and Varus. What is also awesome about this team, is that people rarely contest these champions, because they do not fit into any of the strong meta comps, save for this one!

Image Credit: TFT Team Builder

Extremely simple 4 Bruiser frontline composed of Ornn, Shen, Illaoi, and Skarner. Combined with 4 Swiftshot backlane in 2 groups on opposite sides of the board. This is so simple that it hurts. Yet, this is one of the scariest comps you can run into. The low cost of Varus, Skarner, and Illaoi makes it extremely easy to 3-star those champions. Look out for Varus especially, since he will likely pull in all of your damage for the team!

And this is it for our best TFT comps for set 7! Tune in next time for more updates as the meta evolves during the mid-season!

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