Streamer TechniqTV Confirms Leak That She-Hulk Coming To Marvel's Avengers On An Official Xbox Broadcast Co-Hosted By One Of The Devs
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The identity of Marvel’s Avengers next playable hero may have been leaked in the most hilarious way possible during a developer live feed. The game hasn’t received any significant new upgrades since the addition of Spider-Man in November. But now it seems that She-Hulk is coming to Marvel’s Avengers according to this hilarious “leak”.

During the recent official Xbox broadcast Brian Waggoner, the lead designer of Marvel’s Avengers, was joined by streamer guest TechniqTV. Techniq, believing that this is already public knowledge, shared that his voice acting coach will be voicing upcoming hero She-Hulk.

But this was in fact NOT public knowledge. Waggoner’s face during this bit of the broadcast is priceless in itself. See it for yourself, in the embedded tweet below!

She-Hulk Leak Might Be Marvel’s Avengers Worst Kept Secret

For those who follow Marvel’s Avengers news, it has already been speculated that She-Hulk will join the roster. Obviously, things may change and rumors might be false, but this seems to be additional evidence that it is occurring. After all, why would Techniq make up a story about his voice coach during a broadcast with one of the lead devs? This seems to truly be a fumble and genuine mistake of Techniq’s.

Ironically, this probably will garner much more attention than the official announcement would. Gamers on various forums were genuinely surprised that Marvel’s Avengers is still getting updates. Indicating that outside of the fanbase, no one is really aware of this product.

Some speculate that given the sorry state the game still is in, after all these years, this is the best thing to happen to it. As I said, this is not even that surprising of a reveal. She-Hulk Marvel show is airing in august, and Marvel’s Avengers already welcomed some other prominent figures from their various movies. Why would they not invite the new hotness in?

From the observer’s perspective, this is charming and whimsical. But leaks are serious stuff to corps that fund these projects. While Techniq cannot be really held accountable, bar a suspension from appearing in any future streams on the official Xbox channel. We hope that Brian Waggoner doesn’t get into hot water over this silly slipup.

Marvel’s Avengers is out since August 14, 2020, on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Are you interested in seeing She-Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers after this leak? Let me know in the comments down below.

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