starfield leak assets
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The hype for Starfield seems to be reaching absurd levels, as some images of games assets leak and instantly become trending on many videogame forums. And while impressive, they are still just assets from a 2018 build. For all we know they could be absent from the final product. But this situation just sums up greatly how many await news about the new Bethesda game.

The assets in question look fantastic. Especially the golden dome in one of the first screenshots. Obviously based on the NASA designs for “Mars houses”. The dome-shaped housing which is supposed to protect settlers from the harsh Martian environment quickly became a staple in the sci-fi genre. Probably due to the outlandish/futuristic design. Currently, it is hard to tell if the dome is a part of some colony or if it is perhaps a part of a player-built spaceship.

Starfield golden dome leak assets

Another interesting part is the “Axion” logo present everywhere on leaked Starfield images. Axion Energy is speculated to be one of Starfield’s factions, and an important name for the game’s lore. Sort of like “Vault-Tec Corporation” logos appearing on many things in the Fallout universe.

Except that “Axion Energy” is a registered trademark for a real company. And some fans of Starfield are already wondering if this situation can result in some unpleasantries for Bethesda. Due to potential trademark infringement. But only time will tell I suppose.

Speaking of Starfield, time, and fans. Many are wondering when are we finally going to see some gameplay trailers or reveals of any kind. And the only answer provided by Todd Howard himself is “2022”. With no specified date sadly.

Starfield’s release date is November 11, 2022. Up until then, we can only speculate and craft theories about what kind of gameplay Bethesda has in store for us. But be sure that will report on any further developments. And we will be on the lookout for any potential Starfield leak that is more than just some 2018 assets.

UPDATE: Starfield Twitter shared some more impressive concept art for a Luxury space city/oil rig.

3 thoughts on “Starfield Images Leak Showing Off Some Impressive Assets From The Game”
  1. I’ve seen and played it. It’s a galaxy sized money-grab heavy on microtransactions. It’s been built around drawing people into the ‘galactic marketplace’. Basically, its fallout 76 in space. Also, there is nearly zero actual space combat or ships. You have a ship which is a glorified loading mechanic for swapping between biomes err…. I mean planets. It sort of flies, but you have no control over it when it does. Also, the ‘planets’ are surprisingly small. If you link them all together, they miraculously add up to the same exact size of fallout 76. Basically they chopped the f76 map into 10 equal parts and swapped the north direction around on each of them. Then they changed the biomes slightly, but if you’ve played f76 for a good while, you will have deja vu in no time.

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