Square Enix Plans To Create Story Focused NFT Media And Games
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Square Enix recently published their 2022 Shareholders Meeting Report, which included a variety of information related to their business, one of which was a discussion of creating story-focused NFT products.

Their mobile business is performing great because of titles like SINoAlice, and the 100 Final Fantasy mobile apps, games, and ports that they have released. Then a report about Final Fantasy XIV was discussed. The player base of the game grained 50% more players compared to the last year. Highlighting the massive room for growth that the MMO still has.

But all of this is somehow NOT what we are here to discuss and dissect.

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The NFT Sized Elephant In The Square Enix’s Meeting Room

NFT implementation is being discussed as part of the company’s future. But not just any old NFT you chumps! They want to create NFTs that will focus on telling stories!… whatever that even means.

“It’s still a bit too early to consider making Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games, and we’re not at the stage of thinking about that yet”, commented Yosuke Matsuda.

I sure do hope it’s too early to consider making Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games Matsuda! And I hope the best time to start considering that, is fucking never.

Despite the fact, that NFTs have been discussed as a simple scam, a gimmick. Backed by massive documentaries on the subject matter. Despite the fact that the Crypto market crashed for the second time now. And despite the fact that NFT sales are down 92% since the start of this literal fad. And despite the fact that the FFXIV director thinks it’s a bad idea. The head of Square Enix thinks it’s a good idea to experiment with them.

“Story-Focused” NFTs

During said Square Enix meeting, intentions to incorporate NFT into its business model in some tangible way were discussed. This covers the creation of “blockchain games and entertainment,” particularly the creation of NFTs with a narrative focus. The medium-term plan of Square Enix includes this objective.

Matsuda talked about his interest in the “Metaverse” and other blockchain technologies in January 2022 Interview. He indicated an interest in the “play to earn” idea. However, except for developing NFTs for Million Arthur, the firm has not yet made a commitment to the creation and distribution of NFTs in conjunction with more well-known games.

I hope one of those NFTs is a gif of money being set on fire. Telling a very deep story about your funds spent on said NFT. Seriously, what is a “Story-Focused” NFT? How do you incorporate play-to-earn or other “blockchain-focused grinds” into a story-focused product? Does Matsuda know? Do you know? If you do, tell me in the comments!

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