Sony PS4 PS5 stock
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Sony decided to stock more PS4 consoles instead of PS5 due to the ongoing global chip shortage and supply line disruptions. According to the Bloomberg report, Sony was going to “discontinue assembly (of PlayStation 4) at the end of 2021.”

But unfortunately, that ain’t gonna happen. PS4 uses older chips and is less pricey to make, resulting in better negotiation opportunities. The plans for the PS5 stock are unknown at the moment. But it is quite clear that Sony never intended for this to be the case.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, was clear when he spoke of Sony’s intention this generation. “As we move towards the next generation in 2020, one of our tasks — probably our main task — is to take that community and transition it from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, and at a scale and pace that we’ve never delivered on before”, said Ryan in a 2019 interview. We can say with confidence that COVID burst that bubble. While also bursting global supply lines all over the world.

Some users all over forums and Twitter reacted with anger naturally. PS5 is already hard to obtain, and this situation will possibly worsen in 2022. Others had more positive things to say. Explaining that PlayStation 4 also became scarce during the pandemic while still being quite in demand. Others worry that this could spell 2 or 3 more years of cross-gen titles. When most of us would like to move on to bigger and better titles using the power of next-gen.

It seems that those interested in grabbing some of that Sony PS4 and PS5 stock will have to work harder than ever. You might want to check out one of those Twitter groups that offer updates on PS5 stock. There are literally tens of them with thousands of followers each. Exemplifying just how much the PlayStation 5 is in demand, and how out of stock it also is.

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