Sega is teasing a new game
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Today is the second day of IGN’s “Summer of Gaming” event, and Sega is teasing a showcase of a thrilling new game.

The only clue gamers on Twitter were left with is a… very strange sound sample. Which lasts for roughly eight seconds, in the teaser video. People were quick to point out it could be the return of Ecco the Dolphin since it does sound like a dolphin sounds. But it honestly could be anything.

Here’s the audio file and original tweet by IGN:

It’s not exactly surprising to learn that Sega has some more announcements for us at IGN’s “Summer of Gaming” as it has already been marketing its forthcoming game Sonic Frontiers exclusively through IGN. The description states that it will be a “unique Sega game,” and while Ecco the Dolphin certainly was a unique game, it just wouldn’t make sense to come back to that IP, right?

I mean, as is, Ecco the Dolphin is not some beloved franchise that Segaheads are screaming to bring back. Unlike, NiGHTS for example! And it just… wouldn’t make for an exciting announcement I think?

It could be another collection of SEGA classics, including Ecco. Or it could be something else entirely. And I strongly hope for the latter! How long has it been since SEGA actually ventured somewhere new? One theory by Andy Robinson of VGC News seems like a very exciting possibility!

A brand new Sci-Fi shooter by SEGA sounds exciting. Sci-Fi and interplanetary exploration games are also all the rage right now. It could even be a sequel to Alien: Isolation! Which just goes to show that that “dolphin” sound could literally mean anything.

What new game do you suppose SEGA could possibly be teasing here? Make a prediction below.

In other news:

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