Zelda BOTW Sean Chiplock Voice acting
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Sean Chiplock, English VA of Diluc from Genshin Impact, Revali, Teba, and Great Deku Tree from Zelda BOTW. Who also did voicing for Spade/Dail in Freedom Planet 1 came out with some details regarding his work in a Twitter thread.

When asked what he got paid for his role in Breath of the Wild his answer was quite the shocking statement: “I was paid approx $2,000-$3000 overall because it was based on the total number of hours in the studio (which was higher because of voicing 3 characters in a single game). I made MORE from voicing Spade/Dail in Freedom Planet 1 because *that* generously gave me sales royalties.”

This is naturally happening at the same time as Bayonetta’s ex-voice actress asking fans to boycott Bayonetta 3. The situation in which Hellena Taylor got offered $4000 to voice act one of the most iconic characters in video games for a duration of a whole damn videogame.

Many are quick to point out that Sean Chiplock appears for maybe 15 minutes of Zelda BOTW, on top of this the game is not dialogue-heavy. And it’s honestly embarrassing that I need to remind people. Voice acting is a contract to contract based job. This means that you might get $3000 for a couple of days of voicing characters, and then not land a contract for 2 or 3 months because you got super unlucky.

Actors and voice actors from other mediums often get residuals and royalties for bringing characters to life. But if you work in the slimy videogame industry you apparently get $4000 flat to do a bunch of voice acting for an iconic character…

Freedom Planet is an indie title made by a small team that apparently takes greater care than Nintendo, a company that generated 16 billion dollars in revenue last year alone. Not to mention that Sean got paid even more for his role in Detective Pikachu. Where he had 2 OFF SCREEN LINES!

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