Roblox Evade - How To Play, Tutorial And Controls For PC & Xbox
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Roblox Evade Controls, How To Play, and Quick Tutorial – PC & Xbox – How to Open Door, Whistle, Crouch, Slide, Bash Door, Equip items, Interact in Roblox Evade, and much more.

Roblox Evade Controls For PC – Roblox Evade PC Control Scheme

These are all the controls if you play with a PC

  • WASD – Basic Movement
  • Spacebar – Jump!
  • F – Equip or de-equip light sources
  • 1, 2 – Consumables, utilities, key items
  • E – Open Doors, Use Other Interactables
  • C – Stealth/Crouch;Slide(while running);Bash Door (select sequences only)
  • R – 180 Quick Turn (Cannot have items equipped)
  • G – Emote
  • T – Whistle
  • M – Go back to the menu
  • O – Camera change
  • Tab – Leaderboard.
  • [VIP Only!] N – Open the VIP server menu

Miscellaneous Controls

Here are some more buttons for things like the general camera control in Roblox games:

  • Tools to Equip: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Tools to Disarm: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Backspace as a Drop Tool
  • Employ Tool: Left mouse click
  • Print Screen Recording: Screenshot Observe: F12 Dev Computer: F9
  • Shift mouse lock, F10 graphics level
  • F11 for fullscreen
  • Roblox Menu: Esc Perf. Stats: Ctrl + Shift + F7
  • Right Mouse Button to Rotate

Roblox Evade Xbox Controls – Roblox Evade Xbox Control Scheme

These are all the controls if you play with an Xbox

  • Left Bumper – Equip or de-equip light items
  • A – Jump
  • Left Trigger: Useful or employable
  • Crouch/Slide/Bash Door with Right Trigger
  • Open Door / Interact with Y
  • B-button – open emote menu
  • Right bumper to emote
  • Zoom with Up on D-pad
  • Right on D-pad to Whistle
  • Left Stick Click to Change Point of View
  • Left on the D-Pad to open the leaderboard
  • And you can return to the menu with Down on the D-Pad

Roblox Evade Mobile Controls Scheme

There isn’t yet a mobile version of the game available for iOS or Android, but as soon as one is, we’ll update this section with the controls!

Be sure to notify us in the comments if we do not update this section!

Roblox Evade Quick Tutorial For New Players

  1. To join a game, click Play or Other Modes.
  2. Keep moving once the round begins to avoid being killed by the bot.
  3. You’ll be rewarded for achieving your best time!
  4. Spend your earnings on things in the shop that will aid in your evasion!
  5. Remember that each enemy requires a unique strategy.
  6. If you get stuck at any point or die repeatedly to the same monster seek help!
  7. There are many resources, from YouTube video guides to helpful discussions on Reddit and Discord that will point you in the right direction.

Both on PC and Xbox, if there is any activity that you are unsure how to complete, send us a remark and we will do our best to assist you. In the same way, if you find something that is not covered in this tutorial, please let us know in the comments so that we can include it.

The maps and films of Gmod Nextbot served as inspiration for Evade. Each map’s description includes a list of acknowledgments and sources (if applicable).

Social Links/Media of Evade creators

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