Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List
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Risk of Rain 2 Tier List: Using the Risk of Rain 2 Tier List, players of all skill levels may rapidly assess the potential and potency of any RoR2 character.

For your enjoyment, we have compiled our own list of Risk of Rain 2 levels. Are you curious about which characters in Risk of Rain 2 are the best? Well, given that they are all so excellent, it is a difficult issue. However, we’ll do our best to rate every ROR2 character below.

How Does Our Risk of Rain 2 Tier List Work?

The strongest characters in Risk of Rain 2 are those on Tier S (Best Characters). They are quite strong and can easily endure the majority of circumstances. They may do a lot of harm and are also quite tough to kill.

In our Risk of Rain 2 tier list, the Tier A characters are also pretty strong. They follow in the footsteps of the S-level ones, are capable of being good and surviving a variety of circumstances, and can easily win their runs. However, they are less effective since they lack additional strength.

Although less adaptable and potent than characters at higher levels, Tier B of our Risk of Rain list is still worth utilizing. They are usually limited from performing better by at least one glaring issue in their kit. Nevertheless, they can be fun and you definitely can finish a run with them.

Tier C on our tier list are characters of medium usefulness. These characters hover between medium to somewhat good, and while are no outright bad characters in RoR 2. These don’t particularly stand out in any one aspect to make them a solid option. They can easily defeat the first few rounds of the gauntlet, but as challenges pile on they can struggle.

Tier D of our Risk of Rain 2 tier list is made up of the weakest characters to pick. At the present, according to our assessment, these characters pretty much do not have any redeeming qualities, and you should definitely avoid playing them if you are going for challenge runs or unlocking stuff.

Risk of Rain 2 All Characters Ranked Based On Usefulness

TierRisk of Rain 2 Character Name
SVoid Fiend, Captain, Loader, MUL-T
ALoader, Railgunner, Bandit
BHuntress, REX, Acrid, Engineer, Heretic
DArtificer, Commando

What Is Risk of Rain 2?

On March 28, 2019, the PC version of the roguelike third-person action shooter game Risk of Rain 2 was made available. The first game in this series was likewise created by Hopoo Games, who also created this one.

Risk of Rain 2’s gameplay is remarkably identical to that of its predecessor. Starting out, the player selects one of the 11 characters referred to as Survivors. Players must test out each character before deciding which one best suits them because each has unique powers.

Players must pick the difficulty level after selecting their character. Drizzle, Rainstorm, and Monsoon are the first three degrees of difficulty in Risk of Rain 2. Monsoon, the hardest game mode, is designed for experienced and hard-core gamers since the enemy population will grow and become much more difficult to vanquish.

Additionally, the player’s life regeneration begins at 0.6, which is not ideal if you are going to be surrounded by waves of foes. In addition to the other 3 difficulties, there is the Eclipse mode, which allows you to layer challenge modifiers to make a mode that is even more difficult than Monsoon.

You must use one of the top characters from our Risk of Rain 2 tier list if you want to have any chance at all at those levels.

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