PSVR 2 games we want to play
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The Virtual reality headset is a whole new way to experience our favorite medium, and we hope only for great things to come out of 2023 for VR gaming. On that note here’s our list of 10 PSVR 2 games we would like to see on the upcoming Sony console.

The PSVR 2 reveal by Sony was a great way to begin 2022 back when this technology still had the gaming community hype and support. After the disaster of Metaverse and the relative lack of strong titles to draw players to VR, the hype died down a little, but it hopefully doesn’t stay that way for long!

It is very exciting to speculate about the mind-blowing ways it is going to elevate video game immersion. What kinds of wild features and games will PSVR 2 have in store for us? Before we have anything concrete our imaginations will have to fill in the blanks for us.

And this is precisely what we have in store for you today. We would like to slide down that rabbit hole of magical wonder and make our wish list for the PlayStation VR 2. Who knows, maybe if we are all good boys and girls some of those might become real in the future!

Backwards Compatibility for Psvr 2 Games

Backward Compatibility

This goes without saying, but we would love to play our PSVR games on the new hardware. But here’s the thing, it’s kinda unlikely. The issue is just that: new hardware. At the time we do not know how much effort it would require to make the new tech vibe with older titles. But it would be a great selling point for me personally. I still have titles I want to play on the original PlayStation VR headset. And to play them using PSVR 2 instead would be just sweet.

Death Stranding for PSVR 2 Games

Death Stranding VR (Or anything else by Hideo Kojima)

Kojima lately tweets tidbits about his new projects. Inbetween random pictures that could also be teasers! But I would love to find out that one of his radical new projects is a VR title. Death Stranding is a great contender for a Virtual Reality makeover. Trekking through rough terrain, sliding down mountains, sitting down to rest your feet. It would be great to become Sam via the magic of PSVR 2. But greater still would be to play something made by Kojima for the PlayStation VR from the ground up! Just imagine what crazy shenanigans genius Kojumbo could pull off with that sort of technology.

Astro Bot VR

Astro Bot is a legitimately great “game”. It is so charming, cutesy, and it feels polished to perfection. I never was this fond of any tech demo. And I’m not alone! Many would love to see the cutesy robots on PlayStation VR 2. Showing them around the interior of the headset, referencing all the great Sony games. And giving us a taste of all the features included. After all, Astro Bot is still the king of DualSense implementation. I know, it was made to show it off. But all the mechanics are so cool! I’m bummed out that the other video games did not follow in its footsteps.


Phasmophobia is a co-op game about a group of paranormal investigators. You are tasked with recording as much evidence of the paranormal before legging it from a haunted location. The game is all about frightening you to the very bone. And what could achieve that better than the headset vibrations of PlayStation VR 2! Throw in eye tracking and adaptive trigger implementation and you have a wide range of new ways to spook anyone brave enough to try. The game already supports VR so it is definitely one of the better-suited games for the PSVR 2. Not to mention that the current VR implementation is getting a rework in 2022 that aims to broaden the fun.

The Last of Us Remake PSVR 2 Games

The Last Of Us Remake VR

Known gaming industry insider Tom Henderson claims that a full-blown remake of The Last of Us for PlayStation 5 is nearing completion. Since his tweet about this very issue, other trusted sources came forth confirming this. And while there is no official reveal yet. It’s pretty much a given. And you know what would be great? The Last of Us in VR. Just imagine the tension of sneaking around clickers, your headset shaking as their gurgle is getting louder. Or the fantastic firefights of TLOU from the first person perspective. Honestly, I would probably just stare at the beautiful scenery for a good third of my playtime!

GTA 5 VR PSVR 2 Games


Rockstar already dipped its toes in the world of Virtual Reality with L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. Grand Theft Auto V, the Rockstars prize pony, is no stranger to re-releases, upgrades, and grand changes. When the game was ported over to PS4 and Xbox One the developers added a first-person mode, which was a first for the series. Not to mention that some modder already proved that GTA V VR is possible. At this point, VR support coming in seems like a given. And what better place to start than PlayStation VR 2?

Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 Games

Gran Turismo 7 VR

Listen, I’m not a racing games type of person. But Gran Turismo makes me want to become that kind of person at times. The games always delivered on that fantasy of racing in a supercar. The visuals, feedback, controls, the audio design. Every title in the franchise is simply stellar. And GR 7 will probably deliver too. Gran Turismo Sport for PS4 upped the ante by introducing VR racing. But it was very limited. Too limited in fact. Only a handful of time trials and a single opponent race was available in VR. If Gran Turismo 7 turns up with PSVR 2 support across the board, with support for all the fancy new functions of the headset. With the ability to conduct a full, packed race, possibly online. It will be a game-changer for racing games moving forward.

Resident Evil Village VR PSVR 2 Games

Resident Evil Village VR

Resident Evil VII was an amazing virtual reality experience. One of the better games with full campaign-long support for Virtual Reality headsets. And it would be great if Resident Evil Village could get the same treatment for the PSVR 2. The groundwork is pretty much already laid. And the team at Capcom has the experience necessary to make this thing happen. It would be something truly special if the game dropped for PlayStation VR 2 with its DLC. Hell, throw in Resident Evil VII and make it the “Ethan Winters collection”. I won’t mind one bit.

Half-Life Alyx PSVR2 Games

Half-Life Alyx

A real shocker. One of the best Virtual Reality exclusive games is a most wanted item for the PSVR 2? With one the most detailed VR world you will see for a while and a crazy amount of gameplay elements that take full advantage of headset-based gameplay. People would literally line up to pay for this game again to play on different hardware just to compare the experience. And it won’t surprise anyone if Valve decides to port it over to consoles. I mean, at this point it is just lost revenue. And the PlayStation VR 2 seems like a perfect opportunity for it.

Spider-man PSVR 2 games

Spider-Man VR

When I think about my trusty PlayStation, I think about all the GREAT Spider-Man games available on it. And I know I’m not alone when I say this. But I would put down some serious cash for a chance to zip around a city in VR as Spider-Man. With actual physics-based web-swinging. Throw in some back-alley rumble with some baddies and we are set. Again, PSVR 2 Spider-Man games are something that NEEDS to happen. Sony will surely not let a chance like this slide, right? Insomniac built up all this hype for Spider-Man games during the PlayStation 4 era, it simply cannot go to waste!

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