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Nintendo Switch eShop is undeniably a mess. Between shovelware burying any interesting games during sales, to the AWFUL load times when scrolling. But now you also have to worry whether the Nintendo Switch game you are buying is unfinished or not.

One user of the ResetEra gaming forum shared his story in a thread yesterday. He bought a game called Dungeon Munchies through the Nintendo Switch eShop, and to his surprise, it was just unfinished. But curiously, none of that information is on the store page of said title.

“So tonight I finish the game (I guess?), and it certainly felt… off. It ends very abruptly as you head into what clearly is supposed to be a last zone[…]and as I descended, the credits rolled, but I still loaded in to a new zone[…]in the new zone, there’s not much except a doorway that once you click it, it says congratulations for finishing chapter 2,” reports “Rhaknar” in his ResetEra thread.

What gives? Well, a quick Google reveals what Dungeon Munchies is. It is on Steam “Early Access”. It has been in early access since June 2019. Currently, there are only 2 chapters available. 2 out of who knows how many. And here is the kicker: that information appears NOWHERE on their Steam page, eShop page, nor on their official webpage! Only the Steam store page features the “Early Access” warning/infographic which is 100% Steams doing.

That is some extremely shady stuff. Nintendo Switch eShop does not have an early access program that allows unfinished games onto the store. There is no “early access” tag or anything like that. This means that you get absolutely no warning when buying an unfinished product. You just get a completely normal store page, the same one that all the finished products for Nintendo Switch also have. So is Nintendo telling us that this game is in fact finished? Or that we should just guess each time when making a purchase?

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