Genshin Impact censor ccp
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MiHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact, announced over Twitter that Mona, Jean, Rosaria, and Amber will receive new costumes. They are “redesigns” of their default outfits which clearly aim to cover up more of their skin. What some people do not realize is that this newest Genshin Impact change is basically CCP issued censor.

The outfits will be optional “skins” for global server users. But Chinese Genshin Impact players will have their characters redesigned whether they like it or not. This is supposedly just the beginning of changes to the roster of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact censor ccp for the default outfits

Whether you think the redesigns are better or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Chinese Communist Party will more or less decide the future of Genshin Impact. MiHoYo won’t release characters only to have them redesigned in the future. So you can expect less risque attire all across the board.

This will impact male characters also. As the CCP is on a crusade against “effeminate” men in video games. The Communist Party believes that vide/-*o games promote the fall of moral standards. And it is very active in restricting Chinese access to video games. A couple of months ago they put restrictions in place which monitored the online activity of Chinese youth. Those under the age of 18 who played an excessive number of hours were punished.

The response from the Chinese community of Genshin Impact players is naturally frustration. Many players there see Genshin Impact as a way to export Chinese culture, philosophy, and work ethic. Liyue, one of the major regions in the game, is based on real-world China. It is like a beautiful marriage of their tradition and culture with the fictional world created by MiHoYo. But now, as remarks one Chinese forum user, Genshin Impact will be importing the CCP censor too.

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