Microsoft Has Reportedly Paid As Little As 5 Million Dollars To Add Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy To Xbox Game Pass
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Analyst David Gibson mentioned the price Microsoft paid to have Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Xbox Game Pass in one of his latest Tweets. According to Gibson Microsoft dropped between 5 to 10 million dollars on the license. Although this sounds like a steep price, it’s actually quite a steal!

Gibson revealed the data in his thread speculating about Project Spartacus. Naturally, he quickly drew the comparison to Microsoft Xbox Game Pass. As this is the live service subscription that Sony probably hopes to go up against.

This is wild considering that Capcom struck a 19 million dollar deal to add Devil May Cry 5 to Xbox Game Pass in August 2019. 5 months after the official release of DMC V. And now Marvel’s GotG is going live on the pass almost 5 months after its release date. But for 9 to possibly 14 million dollars cheaper.

What the hell happened here? Did Square Enix exec sign something without reading the fine print? Or did Square really lend out their game for such a stellar price?

Well, it’s probably the latter. Square Enix representatives did confirm in an interview last month that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy underperformed. At least, according to what they were hoping for. Despite the warm reception it has gotten from the public and critics alike. And despite the solid sales numbers. Well, it is a licensed game. And those cost absurd amounts of money for likenesses alone I guess.

And since Guardians of the Galaxy are now on Game Pass. I just wanted to say. I was cynical about the game at first due to my personal issues with Eidos Montreal. And also, due to general genre exhaustion caused by Marvel products. But after experiencing the game, I have to say it’s worth the investment. Especially if it’s on the Game Pass, which can be bought extremely cheaply. It features some fantastic character development, the OST and licensed songs slap, the banter between characters is worth the price of admission alone. And the gameplay is quite fun. Not revolutionary, but solid. It is self-indulgent in the best possible ways.

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