Lollipop Chainsaw Remake Release Date
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A formal declaration about the creation of a game to celebrate Lollipop Chainsaw’s 10th anniversary was made by Yoshimi Yasuda, president, and CEO of Dragami Games. A 2023 release is planned for the game, provisionally dubbed Lollipop Chainsaw Remake.

The game will be developed by a combination of original version development team members, including producer Yasuda, and new development team members from Dragami Games. Additional details, including those pertaining to the platform, will be released at a later time.

This really is starting to feel like a “remake era” of videogame history. With many big profile remakes such as Final Fantasy VII, or The Last of Us, which we discussed in the article about how The Last Of Us Part 2 could be getting a remaster for PS5. But do we really need so many remakes? How about some sequels?

Some Troubling Promises About Lollipop Chainsaw Remake!

Although Yasuda indicated that the remake would have a few significant alterations, the game will attempt to emulate the original. The new game will have “a more realistic approach to visuals” thanks to the strength of next-gen hardware. The announcement that the remake’s soundtrack, “apart from a few licensed tunes, will consist of fresh music,” as opposed to the original game’s 16 licensed tracks, may be less pleasant to fans.

Although a lot of people seem to be extremely excited for a Lollipop Chainsaw Remake, I’m not so hot about it personally. The game…simply doesn’t need it I feel. A remaster, re-release? Sure. But a full-blown remake? A very curious choice.

Any new additions to the game may come as very much of a disappointment to fans of Lollipop Chainsaw from 2012. Since the original staff – especially key personnel like James Gunn – largely won’t be involved. Already we know that we lost all the original soundtrack, and some of those songs were bangers. Dragami Games will need to put in some extra care and effort into this project to wow us.

The Style and Graphics Fiasco

There are other gripes one could have with this announcement. Seems odd to announce it for 2023 but not state for what platforms yet. The original announcement also promises a “more realistic approach to graphics this time”. This is either a translation error, spelling mistake, or the biggest mistake one could make when remaking a game like Lollipop Chainsaw.

The original is so over-stylized, a pure fun fest of characters, ridiculous story, and wack music. It pushes so many colors right up to your eyeballs that you get sick 15 minutes in. But that is one of the game’s biggest strengths, the fact that it’s different and unique. I’m not sure if making graphics more realistic is the smart thing to do in this case.

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