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Konami, once upon a time game developer and publisher turned pachinko and microtransaction ridden mobile game peddler, releases a Castlevania NFT Collection. Surprising completely no one. Because this is a great way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlevania. Not with ports of games such as Symphony of the Night. One of the best received Castlevanias ever, from ’97, which I still cannot play on my PC.

For those of you who do not know. NFTs are essentially virtual trading cards. You pay money to own some artwork that potentially has resell value. Except that you pay extreme amounts of money for them. And unlike real trading cards, they do not feature any cool art. And anyone can still view them at their leisure. You just have a virtual receipt saying that you own that jpg. And they also are destroying our planet by the way. Just so some rich bros have some dumb monkey trading cards.

So scurry over to their official “Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFT” webpage. And if you manage to withstand the overpowering stench of greed, you can check out the “art” being peddled. I mean sold.

Which includes some gameplay of the original Castlevania. Probably stolen right off some poor sods YouTube channel because Konami doesn’t know what shame is. The only concept they grasp is “money”. Which you can supposedly make by reselling these NFTs. But let us cross our fingers that this crashes and burns just like the Ubisoft NFT collection that lost them money.

But there is one good thing about this travesty. Some of the NFTs offered are soundtracks from Castlevania I and II. So you can listen to some of that sweet, sweet “Bloody Tears”. Before clicking off the website and thinking about how the last Castlevania game was released 7 years ago. Without counting 2019s Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls that literally no one cared about.

So yeah, there you have it folks! You can buy official Konami-approved Castlevania NFT thingies. And I still cannot play Symphony of the Night on my PC. Or Nintendo Switch. Because Konami is more interested in a fad that made some money by accident than developing video games.

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