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An interesting rumor has surfaced on the shores of many video game-oriented forums. Some gamers are suggesting that Kojima Productions is teasing their next game via Christmas card! Although this is pure speculation, crazier things have happened on Kojima’s Twitter account!

kojima productions next game

The card itself features a bunch of staples for Kojima Productions. It features their catchphrase “from Sapiens to Ludens”. The now-iconic flag is usually held by Ludens, the KPs mascot who dons a spacesuit and explores space. Although Ludens explores the digital space, not the outer space, and claims it for Kojima Productions.

The obvious difference is that Ludens is absent, and instead, we have 3 characters who are very hard to identify. If they can be identified at all. For all we know they could be characters to be featured in the next Kojima-directed videogame. Or at the same time, they could be just some random cool character designs.

What is worth noting is that both Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima himself have posted this exact card on their accounts. Sure, it is his company, so it is not that strange to post the same picture. But Kojima doesn’t do that often. If you stalk through his “media” tab on Twitter and compare it to Kojima Productions, there is almost no overlap. This case must be special to be the exception to that. Or it could be just a happy holidays card.

Remember that this is Kojima we are talking about. Yoji Shinkawa, the author of said holiday card, makes a bunch of random art for him. Year prior to Death Stranding we got a completely random holiday card made by him, and it did not tease much of anything.

But then again. Hideo Kojima.

kojima productions next game 2

He used this image to tease his trailer which dropped more than 6 months later. The Game Awards 2017 trailer for Death Stranding featured a person stranded under a vehicle, explained the baby. And it also featured Mads Mikkelsen’s character who bears striking resemblance to one of the lego figures in the image above.

What I’m getting at, is that you never know with Kojima. But it is fun to speculate. Be it a sequel to Death Stranding, rumored revival of Silent Hill, or the next original game by Kojima Productions. Fans and gamers all over the world cannot wait to get more information on the next project of Hideo Kojima. Silly speculation like this is only proof that the man is on top of the world of video games, and he just doesn’t come off the lipss of videogame enthusiasts.

For more gaming news, rumors, and silly theories be sure to follow, and tune in to our almost daily news!

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