Cor Lapis Best Farming Route in Genshin Impact
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Cor Lapis is an essential component for ascending Liyue characters, and a key component of some craftables in Genshin Impact. But unfortunately, this ore has a bad habit of spawning quite a ways apart. This is why I decided to write this handy guide outlining the most efficient farming routes. So keep in mind that we are ignoring some locations for the sake of most Lapis per time spent.

How To Harvest Cor Lapis And Other Ores In Genshin Impact?

To harvest the Lapis ore, much like any other ore, you first need to break its shell. Claymore attacks, plunging attacks, Geo elemental damage, or explosions are necessary for this. I mean you can hit the rocks with your sword until they break, but you will be swinging for a long, long time.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Farm Route

Basic Information About Genshin Impact’s Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis is an ingredient in the following crafting recipes:

Dustproof Potion (Increases all party members’ Geo RES by 25% for 300s.) Butterfly Wings ×1
 Cor Lapis ×1
 Mora ×100
Unmoving Essential Oil (Increases all party members’ Geo DMG by 25% for 300s.) Frog (Material) ×1
 Cor Lapis ×1
 Mora ×100
Yellow Dye (Crafting material for Serenitea Pot furniture) Cor Lapis ×1
Geoculus Resonance Stone (One-time use item that shows nearby Geoculi.) Cor Lapis ×5
 Glaze Lily ×5
 Crystal Chunk ×1
 Mora ×500
Geo Treasure Compass (Reusable item that shows nearby chests in Liyue.) Golden Raven Insignia ×10
 Cor Lapis ×30
 Crystal Chunk ×50
 Mora ×50,000

Chongyun, Zhongli, and Keqing use Cor Lapis to ascend at level 20/40/50/60/70/80/90. And each uses 3/10/20/30/45/60 Cor Lapis at the corresponding ascension. Meaning a total of 168 Cor Lapis ores are needed to complete an ascension for each of them. To ascend every single character that uses this material in Genshin Impact you would need 504 Cor Lapis.

Much like any other local specialty in the game, Cor Lapis respawns every 2 days, or exactly 48 hours, after looting it. NPC shop that sells Cor Lapis in Liyue Harbor restocks every 3 days.

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Where are the most efficient Cor Lapis farm routes?

Like I mentioned before, Cor Lapis is pretty scattered thought the world of Genshin Impact. You can find it throughout Liuye, often in very small clusters that are miles apart. Like any other ore, you’ll find it near rock formations, cliffs, hills, ravines, and cave systems. One NPC shop in Liyue Harbor sells 5 Cor Lapis for 1,500 Mora each.

Buy Cor Lapis from Changshun in Liyue Harbor every 3 days!

Changshun is the only NPC in the game that restocks Cor Lapis. For 7,500 Mora you will get 5 Cor Lapis stones, that restock every 3 days. Her proximity to a teleport waypoint makes this NPC a godsend when farming large quantities of Cor Lapis.

You can find her at the following location on the world map:

Cor Lapis Route #1 – Qingce Village

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #1 - Qingce Village

Step 1: Start at Bishui Plain Teleport Waypoint near Qingce Village

Step 2: Jump off the cliff in front of you; start gliding and look at the cliffside behind you. You should easily spot the first 2 pieces of Cor Lapis.

Step 3: Teleport to the waypoint right off of Qingce Village.

Step 4: Turn the camera to the right and you should be able to spot 3 Cor Lapis ores next to the huge waterfall.

Step 5: Teleport to the next waypoint near Oceanid.

Step 6: Rotate your camera 180 degrees and 2 pieces of Cor Lapis should be clearly visible along with some Noctilucous Jade and White Iron Chunks.

Step 7: Teleport to the waypoint right below Wuwang Hill.

Step 8: Rotate your camera 180 degrees and start running straight. You will quickly see a hole right in front of you. If you look down said ravine, you will spot some Hilichurls, 2 pieces of Cor Lapis, some Noctilucous Jade, and some Iron Chunks.

Step 9: Teleport to the waypoint below Qingce Village.

Step 10: Run straight ahead until you see 2 more pieces of Cor Lapis behind some bamboo.

The result: 11 pieces of Cor Lapis in around 2 minutes. 13 if you chose to climb the mountain that I skipped.

Cor Lapis Route #2 – Mt. Aocang

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #2 - Mt. Aocang

Step 1: Start at Bishui Plain Teleport Waypoint above Mt. Aocang

Step 2: Turn right; you should immediately see a lonely rock in the middle of a field. In front of it, you will encounter a Geo slime, 2 Geo Crystalflies, and 1 Cor Lapis.

Step 3: Teleport to the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain just above Mr. Aocang.

Step 4: Turn 180 degrees from the domain door and start running forwards. You will pass by a dragon statue. Just behind the statue is a pathway leading between the two mountains. As soon as you enter it you should see a Cor Lapis and a Geo Crystalfly.

Step 5: Keep going forward on the path that you just entered.

Step 6: You will encounter a crossroad. A way going left from your current location, and a stone arch in front of you. Go under the stone-arch, you will immediately see another Cor Lapis and yet another Geo Crystalfly.

Step 7: Just behind the current Cor Lapis, you should take a right turn. You will know you are going the right way if you spot a tree with red/ginger leaves.

Step 8: And just behind the said tree you should spot another piece of Cor Lapis near some bushes. And another Geo Crystalfly too! I guess you can easily farm Crystal Cores along with Cor Lapis here.

Step 9: Hike over. Teleport back to Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain.

Step 10: Run around the pond right next to the domain. You should see a huge tree rocking red leaves near the border of the playable area. Right at the feet of said tree are 2 more pieces of Cor Lapis.

Step 11: Teleport to a waypoint located far to the right of Mt. Aocang.

Step 12: Do a 180 turn right after loading in. Run past the waypoint, and enter a path beaten in the dirt. Continue going down the path for a while until you find yourself at a crossroad. There should be 1 Cor Lapis near the path to your left.

Step 13: Continue down the path where you found the above Cor Lapis. Just to clarify: It should be the path towards the river. You should soon encounter 2 more pieces of Cor Lapis.

Step 14: Get off the path you just walked on. Go towards the river. You should see a small waterfall and trees with golden leaves. Cross the river in that spot.

Step 15: As soon as you are on land on the other side of the river you should see another dirt path. Just follow the path uphill, and you should see 2 pieces of Cor Lapis very soon.

Step 16: Teleport to a waypoint to the right of Mt. Aocang. The one located in a middle of a river.

Step 17: Just run forward. You will be forced to take a left after a couple of seconds. When you do, you will encounter 2 Cor Lapis sitting in a “pocket” carved into the rock wall. Geo Slimes will ambush you near the ore!

Step 18: And finally, teleport to the peak of Mt. Aocang.

Step 19: As soon as you finish loading just jump off the cliff in front of you. Start gliding and turn your camera to the right. When you land at the bottom of the canyon you should see a huge cave with loads of ore. Bunch of Crystal Chunks, and 3 pieces of Cor Lapis. It is guarded by some enemies though.

The result: 15 pieces of Cor Lapis in around 4 minutes. This will naturally take longer if you do not ignore all the enemies.

Cor Lapis Route #3 – Mt. Hulao

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #3 - Mt. Hulao
Created with GIMP

Step 1: Start at the Waypoint on the peak of Mt. Hulao.

Step 2: Turn around and walk to the edge of the rock formation you are standing on; you should immediately see 1 Cor Lapis directly below you.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #3 - Mt. Hulao - Screenshot 1

Step 3: After collecting the previous piece turn around and start heading away from the rock wall that you just climbed down from.

Step 4: You should easily spot 4 pieces of Cor Lapis in the shade of a bunch of trees with ginger leaves.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #3 - Mt. Hulao - Screenshot 2

Step 5: Look around for a dirt path. Start going downhill following the said path. Soon you will start going down a set of stone stairs.

Step 6: At the bottom of the said flight of stairs is the first “landing” or “platform”. Basically, a rest before stairs continue. As soon as you reach this spot look to the left to find another piece of Cor Lapis under a tree.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #3 - Mt. Hulao - Screenshot 3

Step 7: Keep heading down the stairs. Another dirt landing hides yet another Cor Lapis. This time hidden behind some bushes.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #3 - Mt. Hulao - Screenshot 4

Step 8: Turn around and jump off the cliff. Start gliding. If you look down you should see a huge gaping hole. As soon as you fly over it, you should see 2 pieces of Cor Lapis down below.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #3 - Mt. Hulao - Screenshot 5

Step 9: From here just follow the dirt path heading downhill. You should pass a group of Hilichurls. Soon you should find 2 pieces of Cor Lapis to the right of the dirt path you are walking on.

Genshin Impact Cor Lapis Route #3 - Mt. Hulao - Screenshot 6

Step 10: Teleport back up Mt. Hulao.

Step 11: Turn around again. But this time, look slightly more to the left than before. You should be able to easily spot some Cor Lapis under a large tree. Upon closer inspection, you will find a cluster of 4 Cor Lapis ore.

Step 12: Face the cliffside from your current location. Look over the edge and you should see a lonely Cor Lapis tucked away on a stone shelf.

Step 13: Turn towards the cliff again and jump off. Keep gliding to the right along the rock wall until you see another lonely Cor Lapis down below.

Step 14: Keep going in the same direction you were falling towards a second ago. Keep hugging the wall on the right, past the Abyss Mage. Eventually, you will turn a corner and find yet another Cor Lapis piece.

The result: 18 pieces of Cor Lapis in around 3 minutes.

Hopefully, you can deck out all of your favorite Genshin characters with this handy Cor Lapis farm guide. If any more NPCs, or other alternative ways to obtain Cor Lapis pop up in Genshin Impact’s future, I will be sure to update this guide.

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