Fortnite Best Zone Wars Codes List (March 2022)
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Fortnite Zone Wars Codes List offers some of the most popular levels for players who want to practice some endgame situations. This map simulates the boxing and tunneling styles required for competitive games. These maps can help you improve your skills in a specific way.

The Shortlist

Here’s our list of Fortnite’s Best Zone Wars Codes

  • Enigma’s Downhill River Zone Wars Chapter 3: 6564-6863-3031
  • Mountain Zone Wars: 2120-6008-5979
  • Metropolis Zone Wars: 8266-0485-0261
  • Asgard Zone Wars: 2860-4730-8190
  • Tilted Zone Wars (XA): 3729-0643-9775
  • Sausage Zone wars (Mini-BR): 8325-5510-3277
  • Zonewars: Catch! [DUOS]: 5075-5123-5617
  • The Jungle Zone Wars: 1541-4258-1328
  • Zone Wars & Box Fight – Galaxy Aesthetic: 2829-5679-5518
  • Fox Clan Zone Wars: 6130-6579-9491
  • Sandman’s Box Zone Wars: 6174-7596-9046
  • Zone Wars – Chaos Dome V2: 0510-9931-3742
  • Synchronized Zone Wars: 9210-4484-4006

Fortnite Best Zone Wars Map Codes List

Enigma’s Downhill River Zone Wars Chapter 3.

Enigma is a well-known map-maker within Fortnite. They are known for creating high-quality maps. Their original concept for Downhill River Zone Wars was in Chapter 1. They updated their map to reflect the fact that sliding is now a game mechanic.

Code: 6564-6863-3031

Mountain Zone Wars

Mountain Zone Wars will present a challenge for players who take on the uneven mountain terrain. Like most maps, it’s best to get together with friends to play and challenge one another to see who is the last man standing. It’s almost impossible to predict the end-zones of actual games. This is especially true in competitive lobbies, where Storm surges can also pose a problem. The Fortnite Zone War Code will help you devise strategies to overcome any unplanned events that might occur.

Code: 2120-6008-5979

Metropolis Zone Wars

Zone Wars is now home to the Cyberpunk Scene. This new look at Zone Wars will give you everything you were looking for. You can use the mini-map for weapons stashes and enjoy Cyberpunk’s authentic atmosphere.

Code: 8266-0485-0261

Asgard Zone Wars

Green Peaks Zone Wars, as the name implies, is a map that allows for seamless gameplay and aesthetics. This map is surrounded by lush green mountains. It’s designed so that players must rotate up and back down, based on the movement of the circle. This is a great way to practice both high and low ground situations in end-games.

Code: 2860-4730-8190

Tilted Zone Wars (XA)

Although this map is over a year old it has seen a lot of popularity since Tilted was added back to Battle Royale. This map is based upon Tilted Towers and does a great job recreating the feeling of the nearly five-year-old Battle Royale site. This will be a very popular Zone Wars map for several months, as Chapter 3 has just added Tilted Towers.

Code: 1760-0152-1306

Sausage Zone wars (Mini-BR)

Fortnite Zone War maps have been relatively small in the past. Sausage Zone Wars offer a whole island you can use as your play area and practice end-game skills. A whole Season 1 island theme will be available to players. It will have water bodies, forests, and sands. This is a bit of everything that you’d find in Fortnite. Another Fortnite Zone Wars map is available that allows for grinding while still maintaining the fun aspects.

Code: 8325-5510-3277

Zonewars: Catch! [DUOS]

Zone Wars maps and Catch! are both common. It doesn’t appear that anyone has ever thought of combining them. This game follows the Zone Wars game mechanics, but there’s a Catch. Throwable items are not allowed, just as in Catch! LTM. This map is also available as a Duos map. This map is ideal for those who think they are good at lobbing objects and following a strategy.

Code: 5075-5123-5617

The Jungle Zone Wars

This map is called Aesthetics. The Jungle Zone Wars is a game where players battle it out on a map that feels more like Stealthy Stronghold. It is much more difficult to spot your opponents in jungle-themed terrain and scenery. You must play your best game to defeat them. Foliage can block your path and you must accurately predict the plans of your opponent to win this Zone Wars map.

Code: 1541-4258-1328

Zone Wars & Box Fight – Galaxy Aesthetic

The Jungle Zone Wars’ wild survival theme is reversed with Zone Wars & Box Fight – Galaxy Aesthetic. The map features two gameplay options on a galaxy-themed map that has a lost-in-space aura. The map supports up to 16 players and allows for players to vote on the game they would like to play.

Code: 2829-5679-5518

Fox Clan Zone Wars

This map is a great example of a map that stands out because it is so well-made. This map is a standout among Ducc’s other maps. This map features current Battle Royale loot, realistic zone placements, and movement. It was also made for Season 6, which just came out!

Code: 6130-6579-9491

Sandman’s Box Zone Wars

The well-known map maker iiiSAndman has a new map! Sandman’s Box Zone Wars map pits you against other players in a fast-paced, enclosed environment. Shotguns (Pump Charge, Tactical, and Charge) are the only weapons that are available. This means you will need to think quickly when entering the match. Eliminate or you will be eliminated.

Code: 6174-7596-9046

Zone Wars: Chaos Dome V2

This map is a vast improvement from the original Chaos Dome map. This map combines classic Zone Wars gameplay with a restricted play area and a weapon loadout that is constantly changing. Each match will require you to be agile and able to adapt to new play styles. This map is for those who believe variety is the best thing in life.

Code: 0510-9931-3742

Synchronized Zone Wars

Storm Surge is a unique game mechanic that this map uses. This feature activates and any player who has not eliminated an opponent in a round will take 25 damage every five seconds. This map is ideal for those who enjoy the excitement and don’t mind taking the lives of others. You can reach the top 16 players on this map!

Code: 9210-4484-4006

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