Forspoken Delayed By Square Enix Into 2023
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As part of a “strategic choice,” Square Enix delayed the release of the action-adventure role-playing game Forspoken until 2023, the publisher commented on Wednesday. This will allow Luminous Productions more time to polish the game. Originally scheduled for release in October, Forspoken will now be available on January 24, 2023.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions announced the delay via the official Forspoken Twitter account by stating that “all game aspects are now finalized, and production is in its final polishing phase”. You can see the original tweet below for yourself.

Forspoken is experiencing its second significant delay. The PlayStation 5 and Windows PC versions of the game were supposed to go on sale in May of this year, but Square Enix postponed that date in order to give the game more polish.

Among the gaming public, a general reaction seems to be a “lack of surprise”. Just like with WoW Dragonflight that was announced to launch before 2022 closes. A lot of people seem to take these release dates with a grain of salt. Delays are lately commonplace. Many point out that in 90% of the cases, they DO NOT help the final product at all. This could be a sign of troubled development.

Others are more optimistic. I mean, what game would like to launch next to God of War Ragnarok and a new Pokemon game, among so many others. Hopefully, Forspoken being delayed to 2023 helps Square flesh out the game. And maybe give us a gameplay presentation that showcases the game a little bit better.

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