Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn Boss Guide - How To Beat Radahn In 2 Minutes Flat
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Are you tired of Radahn bullying you, taking your lunch money, and then wiping your party full of mercenaries who live for the thrill of the hunt, and will happily fling themselves at a full-blown legendary god warrior for the excellent price of completely free? Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn boss fight has quickly become infamous for its brutal difficulty spike.

How far are you willing to go to finally beat him? Is there any price you consider too high? If not, I have an excellent way for you to cheese him in 3 to 5 minutes without even getting hit. But the price must be paid.

Before we jump into it, consider checking out Elden Ring requirements if you game on a PC, and setting your graphics to recommended levels! You need those sweet, sweet FPS gains for this fight!

Video Version Of This Exact Guide

Requirements For Starscourge Radahn “Cheese” Strategy

My strategy requires exactly 12 Arcane and 15 Faith. And as a person who plays around with magic in these games often. Don’t worry. I was ashamed of pumping Faith too.

I know that some of you might be level 80, 90, or 100. And that pumping even 5 levels right now is quite the tall order. You might want to consider redistributing your statistics for now. Don’t worry, when you beat STarscourge Radahn, you unlock a new area full of materials used for level redistribution. So you can wipe away your sins right after you beat this god damn boss.

You also will need Rot Breath and Dragon Seal. They are both fairly easy to get.

How To Get The Dragon Communion Seal In Elden Ring?

If your spirit and flesh are willing, then join me on our journey to become puke casters.

The Dragon Seal is in one of the most annoying dungeons that From Soft ever made. So let’s get that one first. You need to go back to the second site of grace you ever unlock in the game. Feed the gargoyles at the starting area 2 stonesword keys to unlock this dungeon. Just uh, watch out for the poison swamp down below.

Fun fact: You can pick the swordkeys as your starting gift and enjoy a bath in poison swamp within 15 minutes of starting the game. God bless you, Miyazaki.

After you trot through the poison swamp, a mechanized chariot will come around. This thing is very annoying. I don’t think anything can survive getting run over by it. It changes direction at a whim. And maintains the exact speed needed to outrun anyone on foot.

Wait for the chariot to pull up. Run right behind it. Don’t be a wuss, and make it to the second safe space on the right, you should be able to do it just in a nick of time. Wait for it to pass, run down the slope and jump down at the next safe alcove (The one where spirit archer spawns).

Just keep running downhill until the path turns into a narrow bridge. Carefully jump down on the left-hand side. Ignore the new area behind you, and instead, fall an extra level.

Run out to the right and this time start running uphill. At this point the chariot becomes unpredictable. It cut me off at the intersection here, but luckily you can easily outmaneuver it when it is making a turn. But in other runs, the chariot was not here at all.

Due to meeting it at the intersection, it rolled down the path and I was able to sprint all the way to the top. But at other times it randomly pulled up behind me and gave me a heart attack. So there is no real strategy to this last stretch of the run, except get lucky. Thank you Elden Ring.

When you make it to the very top of the slope you meet an extremely friendly Spirit, ghost guy. I would tell you how tough of an opponent he is. But. I don’t know. I do my fighting with my mighty brain, not my amazing muscles. So feel free to bait him out of his little safe room and wait for the chariot to do your dirty work. Then loot the roadkill for the Dragon Communion Seal.

How To Get Dragon Heart And Perform Dragon Comunion IN Elden Ring
Image Credit: From Software, BANDAI Namco

How To Get Dragon Hearts And Perform The Dragon Comunion In Elden Ring?

Next on the agenda is getting a dragon heart. As you might have guessed, you get these by slaying dragons. One such target is Flying Dragon Agheel. He can be met near the starting area, at the spot with all the burned trees in a swamp.

He should be no problem for you if you are currently trying to beat Radahn. Just swing your fightstick from horseback until he dies. Dash out of the way when he sprays fire. Or just jump over it when you can. Not much in terms of strategy here I’m afraid.

Now just make your way to the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion. Which is located conveniently to the west of Redmane Castle, where you find the Radahn Boss Fight.

There’s a single enemy here. And I believe it’s the real version of that spirit guy from the dungeon. This time you can’t resort to vehicular manslaughter. So just opt for regular manslaughter. He tends to expose his back often for that juicy backstab damage.

Then you need to wait for nightfall at the site of grace. Examine the glowing altar found in this area. And commence the dragon communion. Which turns out to be a vending machine with dragon spells. But instead of coins, you use dragon hearts. Grab the Rotten Breath. And you are good to go.

Final Setup For Radahn Boss Fight

You might want to upgrade the Dragon Seal. I had some spare materials in my pockets and got it up to +4. But in all honestly, you can probably just do it with an unupgraded dragon seal.

The Rotten Breath incantation infects anyone in its path with what is essentially poison. And it hurts, a lot! You can cast it on horseback too, no problem. Any other weapons or shields or armor is not necessary. So it’s up to you what to wear and bring.

Allocate some mana flasks to refill your FP during the fight. 2 or 3 blue flasks should suffice. And I don’t think you need too much FP to use it. I had 71, which is just base FP for the samurai class, and I pulled this fight off no problem.

And as a testament to how effective this is. I beat Radahn at level 29. Because I wanted to rush through the game for research purposes.

Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight Strategy
Image Credit: From Software, BANDAI Namco

Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight Strategy

You are as ready as you will ever be. Pull up at Radahn’s Crib and engage the boss fight.

Don’t summon Torrent at the start. You will get sniped by these purple bolts Radahn casts at the maximum range every single time. Just roll towards Radahn when they come at you. Don’t worry. You will learn the timing after being killed 10 to 15 times.

Summon as much cannon fodder as you possibly can. Then hide behind the huge sword in the ground found at the spot with the first bundle of summon signs.

After the arrow breaks on the said obstacle, start running to the right, roll through another one, and hide behind another structure at the next bundle of summons.

At this point, he will change up his attack strategy, and you can summon Torrent no problem. Rush him down while avoiding arrows to force him into a melee stance. At this point just circle back to your meat shields and let them take the heat. As soon as he turns his back to you at any point, hold down R1 and empty your FP bar on him.

Pro tip: The Rotten Breath actually has a fantastic effective range. So you don’t need to be all up in Radahn’s cheeks to cast it.

One full FP bar should be enough for the poison to eventually get him down to half hp. I wasn’t too sure at first, so I sprayed him again for good measure. Then it turns into a waiting game. Remember to resummon your cannon fodder as often as possible, and just make rounds around on Torrent.

Then he will come in with his second phase. At this point, you will likely have to reapply the Rotten Breath. Keep resummoning the spirits. And keep running for your life.

In this phase, it took me one full FP bar of Rotten Breath to beat him. Enjoy 70k souls, and not having to fight one of the worst bosses in the game by conventional means.

This concludes our Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn Boss Guide. For more Elden Ring-related content feel free to check out my Elden Ring section with guides, tips, and the like. You might want to check out my Elden Ring Ultimate Beginners Guide for some other useful tips!

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