Elden Ring Royal Knight Loretta Boss Guide - Fear The Magic Horse Woman
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Question. Are you, afraid of women? Are you afraid of horses? Or are you possibly afraid of powerful spellcasters? After all, why shouldn’t you? They are all-powerful creatures. Mythical beings. Powered by unknown motives. Elden Ring Royal Knight Loretta can be a bit of a handful.

Well, I don’t actually know if she is a handful or not. I don’t know what level you are supposed to be when you reach her. Because I wanted to rush through the game as fast as I can. So I fought her, at level 18. You could say, it was a fair challenge. Or you could say it was… something else.

Before we jump into it, consider checking out Elden Ring requirements if you game on a PC, and setting your graphics to recommended levels! You need those sweet, sweet FPS gains for this fight! Alternatively consider checking out my other boss guides, such as this one for Starscourge Radahn.

Video Version Of This Exact Guide

Elden Ring Loretta Boss Fight Stretegy

The first thing you want to do when entering Loretta’s Boss room is to summon some meat shield- I mean some friends. My designated “FRIENDS” for this encounter were the “lone wolf” spirits. Because I had only the wolves and the jellyfish. And I don’t really like, the jellyfish.

Two hand that weapon like a real samurai warrior coming for some Western knight cheeks. You have limited time to make use of your “friends”. So spam as much two-handed light strikes as you can. I managed to do like 60% of her health bar. But I was quite underleveled.

Then the real fight begins. Loretta in general. Doesn’t make any sense. She combos magic and swings often, which results in very little opening for swinging your sword around. But if there is no opening, you create the opening.

If you keep your distance Loretta will either spam her magic attacks. Or charge in. Let her. She will then pull one of two moves, both excellent changes to punish her:

  • A huge overhead with questionable tracking. Try to change direction last second to make her whiff. Or just take the hit to your shield. You can sneak in one or two swings here easily. But beware never roll forward during this attack. She will do a follow-up that will catch you.
  • Her other charge attack is a sweep. Roll backwards and immidietly run in for a hit. Bonus points if she then counters with a stomp attack performed by her horse. As that one is generally realy easy to punish too.

Elden Ring Loretta Second Phase “Cheese”

Once you get all of this down. Fight your mightiest. Then realize that almost nothing I just taught you carries over to the second phase.

When Loretta hits 50% HP she unleashes more devastating magic attacks. Signaled to you via displaying a huge magical aura with the crest in the background. At this point. You are welcomed into the Elden Ring casino.

Her magic attack tracking becomes so absurd, that there is no reliable way to dodge it. So bet it all on a lucky roll. Thankfully, you can just overcome this hardship by putting your mind and nerves of steel to the test. And just cheesing her A.I.

As soon as this phase starts, take off towards the huge stone staircase to the side of the boss arena. Climb to the top. Heal for the value of two health bars you probably just lost. And start playing peekaboo with her around the gigantic statue there.

At this point, it’s a mixture of great timing and luck being on your side. But don’t worry. She still does both of the running attacks, so you can land easy blows. But beware! Elden Ring and other Soulsborne enemies have a tendency to use walls and corners to their advantage. Loretta can easily hit you through the corners of the statue. So try to step away from it when she charges you for a melee strike!

Closing Remarks

One move that she starts using way more often now than in the first phase is this magical two swing combo. Which has never connected with me on the first swing. And then the second swing requires a simple roll forwards with a generous dodge window.

You will land right at her feet, or hooves rather. And she will be recovering from the animation. Which allows you for almost any attack type.

With all of this prime knowledge, you should be able to win the boss fight with Royal Knight Loretta in Elden Ring! For more Elden Ring-related content feel free to check out my Elden Ring section with guides, tips, and the like. You might want to check out my Elden Ring Ultimate Beginners Guide for some other useful tips!

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