Elden Ring Ranni The Witch Quesline Guide - How To Unlock Age Of Stars Ending
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Welcome! Today I have a guide slash walkthrough on how to complete the questline of Ranni The Witch in Elden Ring. Since this is pretty much the longest questline in the entire game I will get right into the meat.

Video Version Of This Exact Guide

Elden Ring – Ranni Questline In Bullet Points

Here is the entire questline in brief bullet points, without anything unnecessary.

  • 0. Before you even begin. If you don’t care about the story or additional dialogue, you can skip a huge fetch part of this questline where you only talk to NPCs if you go right to step 9. Which is slaying Starscourge Radahn. If not, then here we go.
  1. Travel to Ranni’s Rise in North-Western Liurnia. This area of the map doesn’t actually appear at first. You need to travel there to uncover it. There is only one entryway to this area of the map. You need to make your way to Kingsrealm Ruins in Liurnia. Then hit a huge wall at the back end of the ruins, which is very obviously a fake wall. Then you need to enter the castle on top of the hill behind said ruins. This is Caria Manor. It’s a major dungeon where you can’t use Torrent. Keep going up and up until you reach the boss of this dungeon called “Royal Knight Loretta”. I already made a guide on how to beat her easily. Exit the boss arena on the opposite end that you came from. Look around for a huge dragon. You need to go past it. It is a completely optional fight if you are wondering. And then finally you can climb to the top of the tower and talk to Ranni. You have to pick the option of “Serving Ranni” to proceed with the questline. I don’t think this disrupts any other quests in the game, so don’t worry about it.
  2. Speak to the 3 phantoms at the bottom of the tower. And then come back to Ranni and talk to her again.
  3. After exhausting her dialogue travel to Mistwood in Limgrave. Enter the structure with a huge dome on top, located roughly in the middle of Mistwood, on the eastern side. Ride the elevator down to the Siofra River.
  4. Light up the grace after the elevator ride. When you approach the first major structure in the Siofra River don’t enter it. Instead, go to the left and ride Torrent through the bushes. There will be some enemies hiding there. Just ignore them. You will see a waterfall soon, and to its right, there is an entryway with a huge staircase leading up to it. Proceed through there and ride the elevator up. From here it’s pretty easy since you can only go uphill past all the crabs to proceed. The zone will open up as you will enter a huge open lake area. Go to the right, and at the base of the huge staircase, you will find the map of the area.
  5. Ignore the said staircase after you pick up the map. Instead travel North, while hugging the cliffside on your right. You will pass by some spirit warriors. And finally, you will arrive under an enormous stone bridge. Blaidd will be there near the cliff. Exhaust his dialogue.
  6. Blaidd will let you know that Seluvis probably knows more than he lets on. At this point travel back to Ranni’s Rise. Go South to Seluvis’s Rise tower. You really can’t miss it. It’s enormous and can be clearly seen on the world map.
  7. Talk to Seluvis. He will drag you into some slimy request. You do need to accept the task, even if you don’t want to. But don’t worry. You don’t actually have to do his quest to proceed Ranni’s questline.
  8. Upon getting Seluvis’s Introduction key item. Travel to Waypoint Ruins in central Limgrave. Talk to Sellen who set up shop underground here. You will need to defeat a boss blocking entry to her chamber. But he is extremely easy.
  9. Sellen will tell you that you need to defeat Starscourge Radahn to “restore the movement of the stars”. So travel to Redmane Castle in Caelid and do just that. If you struggle with defeating Radahn check out my Radahn cheese guide.
  10. After you kill Radahn a comet lands in Limgrave. You can see floating bits of rock from miles away. Teleport near mistwood and navigate towards ground zero. You will then need to carefully descend the crater here on Torrent.
  11. Just follow the linear path at the bottom of the said crater and you will arrive in Nokron, the Eternal City. There are two paths downwards. But they meet together near the bottom, so just keep heading down. You will eventually enter a building, pass through a chamber full of white zombies, and score the first grace in the area. From here Nokron opens up a little, but it’s mostly just dead-ends with items here and there. The main way to go is this very claustrophobic staircase to the side. And as soon as you are past it, you will see a golden fog gate in the distance. Make way there and beat the Mimic Tear boss fight.
  12. After you beat Mimi Tear, exit the boss arena towards the bridge that looks like an average polish road. Cross it all the way. You will enter a forest with some singing ladies. DO NOT FOLLOW THE ROAD. To reach Night’s Sacred Ground you instead must hug the Southern cliff and then the wall until you come across a narrow passage. You will find a site of grace there. Past the grace, you need to make a jump towards a rooftop. From here it’s pretty much one big corridor. Keep going and going. You will enter a cathedral of sorts, jump down to the bottom floor or simply use a ladder. Fight or ignore the enemies there. You will soon reach another site of grace outside. And then you must fight or run past all of the mimic tear slimes waiting near the site of grace. At the end of the road, you should be currently on lies a chest with Fingerslayer Blade inside.
  13. Return with Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni and talk to her. She will reward you with the Carian Inverted Statue. Completely ignore the statue. It is necessary for Fia’s questline. But you don’t need to do anything with it for Ranni’s questline.
  14. Rest at the site of grace downstairs. A new tower to the North will open up called Renna’s Rise. Travel there and ascend it. Enter the portal found in the topmost chamber of the tower.
  15. Loot the corpse in a coffin near the place you got teleported to. it’s on the way to the nearest site of grace. It’s a Miniature Ranni. Sit down at the site of Grace and select the option to “Talk to Ranni”. Do it three times before she finally speaks. Exhaust her dialogue.
  16. And now you must make your way through the Ainsel River Main. You can only really go one way from the site of grace you are currently at. When you approach some ruins an enemy will start spamming magic homing attacks at you. Move towards him while hiding behind the environment. Kill the mage or just go past him. You will enter a cavern with ant-like creatures. Just keep following the water until you get through an entryway, and end up in Nokstella, The Eternal City. This area is also fairly linear. You just need to keep going upwards. There are many rooms here with optional loot that close on you and force you to fight. Eventually, you will climb to the top of the city and ride an elevator down. Here the path splits into a couple of options. What you are interested in is the church to the South-West. Well, it looks like a church. But it’s actually another elevator. Light up the Nokstella Waterfall Basic Grace at the bottom of it. Enter another cave next to it, it’s filled with these fellas from Dark Souls who spew curses, or whatever it’s called in Elden Ring. Make your way through it.
  17. At the end of the cave, Baleful Shadow will spawn. You need to defeat him. He hits pretty hard and has a sizeable health bar. What’s worse, you cant summon spirits here. If you are a caster it’s no biggie, because he’s lobotomized. He barely reacted to my ranged magic. If your melee, then beat him to death I guess. Sorry, I was not playing a melee character at the time.
  18. After you defeat him Ranni will give you a key and talk about how she is finally being released totally for real this time no cap. But of course, she is not. I don’t know why this quest fake ends so many goddamn times.
  19. After this, you need to go to Raya Lucaria Grand Library, which is precisely where you fight the second major boss of the game. There is a chest here you can only open with Ranni’s key. You don’t need to pick up this ring right now. But just do it right now, it will save you time later.
  20. Then go back to where you fought the Shadow. And ride another elevator down. Enter Lake of Rot. The corpse washed up ashore has a map of the area. Now, you could strategically and methodically go around the area, activating safety islands and waiting for the rot meter to empty because someone at from decided that waiting minutes before it empties is great gameplay. Or, you could redistribute all your flasks for healing, plop down a waypoint near the large stone structure in the south, and just run through it. Usain Bolt to the site of grace in the Grand Cloister and never think about this atrocity of a level ever again.
  21. Start descending using the broken ledges nearby and simply follow the coolaid stream to an area where it turns into a waterfall. And get into a coffin at the edge of the said waterfall. You will be taken into a new area below. Heads up, there’s no site of grace, but thankfully there is a stake of Marika here.
  22. Proceed to walk through the golden mist and fight Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. He’s not very nice, so expect to have not a very nice time. Try to stay dead in front of him. Most of his attacks are fairly easy to dodge but they hit for a metric tone of damage. And you will need to dodge a lot of them. Mimic Tear is your best bro for this fight. Spam ranged attacks. If you are a melee character jump attack his head over and over again. He takes reduced damage everywhere else, so remember. Only his head exists.
  23. After you kill him, run ALLLL the way to the end of the boss room. After an elevator ride, you will arrive at Moonlight Altar. You need to go towards the church ruins on the horizon. Glintstone Dragon Adula will spawn in front of the church when you approach. But you can easily run past him, or you can kill him if you want. You do you, man.
  24. There is a cave-in in the eastern part of the Church. Descend down there. And talk to the doll at the end of the cave. A cutscene will play. Then you simply need to talk to Ranni for the last time. Don’t forget to pick up the Dark Moon Greatsword after she peaces out. And that’s it. When you reach the games ending new option will appear that leads to the “Age of Stars” ending.

And that’s it! That’s the entire questline of Ranni The Witch in Elden Ring, in a nutshell. If this was helpful in any way shape or form please consider checking out my other guides listed below. Share your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to request any guides and whatnot. Peace!

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