EA Made Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC Free On PC By Retiring The BioWare Points System
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In order to replace the oppressive BioWare Points system, EA is making a large portion of the Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLC catalogs free for PC users.

For those of you blissfully unaware, EA and BioWare employed a payment system called BioWare Points on PC to pay for DLCs for titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. While PC gamers have been struggling with BioWare point’s unfair conversion rates and extremely scarce and cost-detrimental sales.

Console players have been allowed to purchase content in pieces through the appropriate Sony and Microsoft shops. For real money, and not BioWare monopoly bucks. In turn, console players missed out on some DLC content, such as Mass Effect 2 pre-order bonuses that have been repackaged into a DLC pack.

It was downright disgusting, exploitative, and clearly a red flag for the future of Electronic Arts back in the day. It’s still most of these things today, but mostly it’s completely obsolete. Thanks to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and EA back peddling the decision by allowing players to pay actual, human money for Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLCs.

The BioWare Points system is being completely eliminated by EA, according to an email issued to players today by the company. And unlike certain other companies, most DLCs that were part of this terrible system will be completely free of charge. So you can now replay Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 with those free DLC you couldn’t bother to buy before!

Thank you, EA, for being less scummy than Ubisoft with their products for once.

Till October 11, you may use any remaining BioWare Points to purchase Mass Effect 3 multiplayer bundles. After that time, the only method to buy such packs will be via in-game credits.

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