Digital Foundry Was Asked To Not Publish Elden Ring Performance Data Before The Day 1 Patch, They Agreed
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2022 looks to be a great year for AAA titles. Combining genres such as action-adventure with a lot of lore always results in an unforgettable experience. Soulslike games are known for their perfect mixing and matching of different genres. It is no surprise then, that Dark Souls has held a special place among gamers. Elden Ring will be the next installment in this series of souls-like games, let us hope that launch performance is not bad!

Hidetaka Miyazaki is the epitome director and George R.R Martin is the ultimate lore builder. Numerous individuals contributed their talents to make Elden Ring something truly great. This game takes a different approach to its art style. Darkened fantasy-Esque imagery with a visually pleasing color palette. Elden Ring world is a joy to look at. And I’m sure it is even better to explore it.

Digital Foundry Will Not Analyze Elden Ring Performance Before Day One Patch

Digital Foundry recently addressed a misconception that various sources reported. Namely, they were accused of hiding Elden Ring performance stats from the public. FromSoftware apparently has not yet allowed Digital Foundry the stats to be revealed. It’s not unusual for game studios to not reveal stats prior to release. Digital Foundry published a series of Tweets in an effort to quench the flames.

The outcry was somewhat contained by this tweet. It is important to note that stats are not revealed because performance is judged on day one patch, as players will be playing that patch anyway. AAA titles have found the day one patch to be a very important feature. It helps you iron out issues that you simply couldn’t fix before delivering the product to be distributed.

The first patch fixes many bugs and glitches, making gameplay more enjoyable for everyone. It is difficult to finish the game completely before release. Day one patches are important. And everyone will get them, provided they do not live under a rock!

Digital Foundry further addressed the issue. “It is worth noting that the day one patch can arrive before launch and that we aim to get the content out as quickly as possible. However, the reality of video production is that it takes time.”

Reaction of the Community to the Veiling Of Elden Ring Performance Data

It’s not surprising that gamers are concerned about Elden Ring‘s performance. It should run smoothly on the next-generation devices. And promises to even run on base PS4! Players with low-end computers are particularly concerned about how the title may run on their machines.

If you are one of the concerned PC players then be sure to check out our post about Elden Ring requirements, because frankly, they are quite massive!

It is normal for players to be frustrated when there is so much hype around a title. Many players pre-ordered the title because of the hype and its potential brilliance. Some players have canceled their pre-orders due to this ambiguity. Others demand Digital Foundry release the data anyway, or at least some kind of snippet of it.

The Digital Foundry response to this holler was consistent overall. This is not enough to quench everyone’s thirst sadly. The game will be released worldwide on February 25, 2022. In just a few days, all the uncertainties surrounding the optimization of Elden Ring can be resolved. What are your thoughts on this answer? Do you feel excited about Elden Ring? Please comment below!

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