DBD All Hidden Achievements List And Guide
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Dead by Daylight Hidden Achievements Guide – How to unlock all the hidden/secret achievements and trophies in DBD with tips & suggestions

Full List of Hidden Achivements in DBD

There are six total hidden achievements in DBD:

  • Agonising Escape: Crawl your way out of the Exit Gates or into the Hatch.
  • Blood in Your Mouth: Kill 25 Survivors total.
  • Blood on Your Face: Kill all Survivors in a single Trial (match).
  • Blood on Your Hands: Kill your first Survivor.
  • Backdoor Escape: Escape from a Trial through the Hatch.
  • The Key to Escape: Escape through the Hatch using a Key.

Continue reading to find out how to unlock each of these hidden achievements!

DBD Hidden Achievements – Agonising Escape

  • Agonising Escape: Crawl your way out of the Exit Gates or into the Hatch.

By FAR, the easiest way to do this is to: play completely normal. Repair all 5 generators that you need for escape as the Survivor. Then proceed to open the exit gate and wait for the Killer to come for you. Just wait for as long as you can. The Killer won’t be interested at first if he is busy with others. But after some time he will be annoyed that the match is not yet over, and he will attempt to chase you out of the game. Stand exactly on the line where the map ends and wait for him to down you. He will be stuck in a “successful hit” animation, and you will be free to cross the invisible line of the edge of the map. At that point, he can’t do anything to you.

Alternatively: You could try to do the same with the Hatch. But it’s risky! If you don’t stand on the exact right spot the Killer can easily close the Hatch and then down you and hook you. But if you manage to body block it just right, it’s possible to again abuse the hit animation to crawl through the Hatch.

Dead by Daylight Hidden Achievement – Backdoor Escape

  • Backdoor Escape: Escape from a Trial through the Hatch.

This one is kinda hard to “force” but it will happen to you naturally when you just play the game. The Hatch spawns when you are the last Survivor standing and it opens automatically. At that point, it’s a race between you and the Killer who can close it. Keep your ear to the ground. Open Hatch emits a sound unlike anything else in the game with quite an impressive range. Spawn location is completely random unless you bring an offering that spawns the hatch either in the “main building” or the “killer shack”. Locations of which are different for each map.

Tip: Try to combine getting this achievement with the one below for maximum productivity!

Dead by Daylight Hidden Achievement – The Key to Escape

Again, you must be the last person standing in a given game for the Hatch to spawn. You also must bring in the Skeleton Key or the Dull Key. Or you might find them in chests around the map, but it’s a rare drop. Beware that Broken Key can’t open the hatch!

When the Hatch spawns and you have a key in hand, it’s time to roll. Find the hatch in the environment by sound. Then, when you find it, do not go in! Instead, hide nearby out of sight and wait for the Killer to come around and close it. Only then can you use the key. Wait for the Killer to leave and use the Key on the locked Hatch. It takes 2.5 seconds to do so, so make sure the Killer is away.

Dead by Daylight Hidden Achievements – Blood in Your Mouth; Blood on Your Face; Blood on Your Hands

  • Blood in Your Mouth: Kill 25 Survivors
  • Blood on Your Face: Kill all Survivors in a single Trial
  • Blood on Your Hands: Kill your first Survivor

For Blood in Your Mouth and Blood on Your Hands, the task is very simple. You can do these achievements across hundreds or thousands of games. Do note that sacrificing Survivors to the Entetiy via hooking them is not considered “killing” them. You must kill them by your own hand.

That can be done by using one of the following items:

  • Memento Mori offerings – By far the Ebony Memento Mori is best for this. As it allows you to kill anyone who already progressed two Hook Stages.
  • Hex: Devour Hope stacked up to 5 Tokens – This is almost impossible to achive to be honest. Survivors will react VERY QUICKLY as soon as you get 3 Tokens of Devour Hope and start downing people with basic attcaks.
  • Rancor – Lets you kill the Obsession when the Exit Gates are powered (i.e: all the gens are repaired).
  • Judith’s Tombstone or Tombstone Piece while playing The Shape – By FAR the best option for quick killing sprees.
  • Reverse Bear Trap ability of The Pig – This Kills one Survivor every few games, so its not terrible. Can be combined with Mori/Devour Hope to score a kill every now and then.
  • The Executioner’s ability Final Judgement – This is esentialy a free mori if you fulfill the pretty simple requirement. Given that the Executioner is a very high tier Killer, you might want to grab this one out of the 3 DLC Killers listed here. The Shape comes in second.

That being said Blood on Your Face is WAYYYY harder to do than any of the above. It is possible you will complete the two other kill achievements while trying to get this one. While you can complete this challenge with any Killer thanks to the Ebony Mori. Actually doing so is quite hard.

To make this process as easy as it could possibly be, I recommend you grab the Halloween Chapter DLC with Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. Then use Judith’s Tombstone Add-on to The Shapes power, combined with Fragrant Tuft of Hair Add-on. This allows you to have unlimited Tier III with Myers, while also having the ability to immediately kill anyone you grab. No matter how many hook stages he or she has left.

Tip: Consider using Play with Your Food Perk of The Shape to counteract the movement speed debuff that using Judith’s Tombstone gives you. Also since both the Tombstone and the Tuft of Hair are iridescent add-ons, which are the rarest addons in the bloodweb. Strongly consider using the “Black Ward” offering to keep them from being consumed after the game.

That’s it for our list of all DBD hidden achievements. Check out some of our other content about Dead By Daylight right here.

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