Bloodborne Kart
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Every successful entertainment series should have its own kart drifting spin-off. If the world was a perfect utopia that we simply won’t ever achieve. We would have games such as Unkarted, officially licensed Bloodborne Kart, and perhaps Mortal Combat Kart. Wait, that last one already exists?

Lilith Walther, one of the original creators of the Bloodborne PS1Demake, has announced Bloodborne Kart via Twitter earlier today. This isn’t a joke or any kind of a meme, or weird fluff. As PS1 demake trailers often turn out to be. Bloodborne Kart exists, and such knowledge truly grants one insight.

It started out, as all the greatest things in life, as a joke. Walther shared some footage via Twitter in April 2021 as an April Fool’s Joke. And now, after the avalanche of positive feedback and support. Bloodborne Kart will become a reality. Just like Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the award-winning RPG, that came to life after April fools joke feedback.

With amazing goofy fan projects like this. And goofy Triple-A games like Multiversus being around the corner. I have to say, it feels great to play video games in this time frame. I’m not saying that more serious games are not welcome. After all, Elden Ring is one of my favorite games so far this year. But what I’m saying. Is that we should have a little break from the bleak storylines and overly edgy protagonists, and enjoy the goofier side of video games.

Bloodborne Kart is a huge improvement on Bloodborne PS1’s demake. It’s high time that the inhabitants of From Software’s dark game worlds learn to resolve their differences peacefully. Although… let’s be real, it’s a kart racer. This ought to break more controllers than actual Bloodborne on PS4. It’s amazing to think of all the possibilities. Sure, racing against Father Gascoigne is fun. But what about cruising around Yarnham with Rom The Vacuous Spider? Or will we see the rise of Amygdala mains? Terrifying visions of absolute nightmares… but no doubt, some of it sounds kinda adorable.

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