Best Berserker Lost Ark Build And Class Guide
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Lost Ark is out now in the west, and by far, one of the most interesting classes in the game is the Berserker. Lost Ark’s Berserker may be the best class that is all about jumping into the fray, swinging menacingly, and doing big DPS. Here is a rundown with this Best Berserker Lost Ark Build and guide if you’re a beginner to the game and want a grasp of what to anticipate.

Lost Ark Berserker Guide

This Best Berserker Lost Ark Build and guide aims to provide you with a run-down of the associated class. The gist is to get you up to speed in terms of the basics of Berserker gameplay. Including his skills, engravings, as well as other tidbits which are of good use and can help you find out if this class is right for you.

To achieve this, we have to examine the Korean and Russian builds aimed at the end-game content. To give you a better idea of what you can expect at the most important phase of the game. Furthermore, we are going to also provide you with a quick look at what you could expect within the early game. If you do intend on giving the Lost Ark’s Berserker class a spin.

We have some other useful guides for the game’s content. If you are interested, you can check them out in our Lost Ark section.

Lost Ark Berseker Identity Skill And Class Engravings

Okay, so the most important and basic thing that you need to know about the Berserker is his Identity skill. Every class typically has 1 or 2 skills that only they can use. Hence they are called “identity skills” since they are closely related to the unique “identity” of that class. For Berserker, this is the Berserk gauge.

When said gauge is filled, the Bersekerer can… well, go Berserk. Which increases your movement and attack speeds. In this “Berserker state”, you are also granted access to additional abilities that will shred your enemies up in a fit of rage for big damage. Those abilities come in handy during end-game content and fighting with some of the more dangerous bosses in the game.

To fill the identity gauge of Berserker, you simply have to hit enemies with basic attacks and skills. Some tripods and abilities even enable you to harbor more rage from hitting your targets.

The current meta in the Korean region of the game focuses on the Mayhem class engraving, which allows you to stay enraged for longer and squeeze out even more damage. This comes at the downside of a reduced HP pool. Mayhem is way more popular than the other Warrior engraving thanks to its amazing potential damage numbers. But those inexperienced with the game may find themselves unable to beat some of the harder content with reduced health. The choice, however, is yours to make when you reach unlock engravings and reach that crossroad. While you are leveling up and through most of the story, you do not have to deal with this dilemma.

Lost Ark Berserker Best PVE and PVP Skills and Tripods

Best Berserker PVE Skills And Tripods

Berserker is certainly one of the best classes in Lost Ark when it comes to quickly demolishing groups of monsters. That makes leveling a comfortable and laid-back process since lots of the story sections task you with dispatching trash mobs. With this in mind, you should invest almost all of the ability points powering up your best AoE skills.

Typically you want to max out your most important skills, as they require an increasing number of skill points to be devoted to them. Invest leftovers into less important skills with the goal of hitting Tripod breakthroughs, as they always greatly empower your skills. Tripods are unlocked at skill levels 4, 7, and 10.

Here is my suggestion on how to fill up your Skill Hotbar in terms of PVE skirmishes:

Skill NameFirst TripodSecond TripodThird Tripod
Finish StrikeTenacityWeak Point DetectionLights Out
Tempest SlashQuick PrepWeak Point DetectionDriving Hit
Hell BladeTraining ResultsMeltEarth Flip
Red DustQuick PrepVital Point HitRed Wave
Strike WaveQuick PrepCerberusBlaze Wave
Diving SlashExcellent Mobility
Shoulder ChargeExcellent Mobility
WhirlwindSustain Enhancement

Best Berserker PVP Skills And Tripods

Skill NameFirst TripodSecond TripodThird Tripod
Finish StrikeTenacityFinishing BlowLights Out
Mountain CrashEnhanceNumbing EffectEarth Impact
Shoulder ChargeExcellent MobilityChain ChargeEarthquake Effect
Tempest SlashNimble MovementEnhanced StrikeDriving Hit
Wind BladeQuick PrepEnhanced StrikeWindswift
Sword StormNimble MovementTenacityEarthquake Wave
Red DustNimble MovementBlood SlashRed Wave
Diving SlashExcellent Mobility

Although we do not recommend Berserker for PVP content, this is the skill spread that will give you the best chances at the PVP. If you are interested as to which classes are good for player versus player-based content, you can check out our tier list right here.

Best Lost Ark Awakening Skills

Berserker, much like all advanced Lost Ark classes, has two different Awakening abilities. The two Lost Ark Berserker Awakening skills are the Chain of Vengeance and Berserker’s Fury.

The Chain of Vengeance drags your enemies closer to you, then delivers powerful damage, before finally pushing them away. Berserker’s Fury, on the other hand, enchants your sword and enables you to use the charge meter. The longer you hold the attack the greater damage you dish out while sacrificing the bar you built up.

You will unlock these skills when nearing the end game. The first one unlocks at level 50, while the second comes from a post-level 50 questline. To use these abilities you need a special consumable.

Best Lost Ark Berserker Engravings

When you’ve reached rank 50, you can start benefitting from engravings. These endgame gear bonuses give juicy buffs to your character. Each class has two class Engravings, which impact your playstyle in a significant way. For Berserker, they are Berserker’s Technique and Mayhem. Each augments your Class Identity.

Berserker’s Technique eliminates the fatigue debuff after Berserk ends. Allowing you to immediately start gathering Fury. It also grants even more movement and attack speed while in Burst Mode. And to top it all off it enhances your crit rate.

Mayhem completely removes the Berserker meter, letting you toggle Berserk on and off at will. However, this comes at a high price. While in Mayhem Berserk, your HP is capped at 25% of its maximum value. And you gain only 25% of any incoming shields from support classes.

While we definitely recommend Mayhem, as it is the meta perk. You should take into consideration that Mayhem is not very beginner-friendly. So as a new player you should consider Berserker’s Technique instead.

When it comes to the best Lost Ark generic Berserker Engravings, this is what we recommend you spec into:

Master of Ambush: +25% Damage for successful back attacks. You want to be hitting bosses in the back most of the time anyway to avoid frontal attacks. Especially when using Mayhem!

Cursed Doll: Atk. Power +16%. Healing -25%, natural recovery excluded. boosts your damage in return for a recovery penalty. This one is quite obvious. You can’t heal much, to begin with, while using the Mayhem engraving. Besides, if you kill the Boss quickly, you won’t even need healing.

Grudge: +20% DMG to Bosses and special enemies but you also take +20% damage. This ties in with Mayhem Berserker’s playstyle perfectly and will give you a huge power boost. Simply be conscious that combining this with Cursed Doll will turn you into a glass cannon.

And that’s it for this Best Berserker Lost Ark Build and Guide! That is everything you need to get started in Lost Ark’s endgame with the Berserker! Or if the PVP environment is where you rather be, then we got you covered too! Be sure to check out all of our other Lost Ark content. Any other recommendations for our Best Berserker Lost Ark Build and guide? Leave them in the comments below.

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