About me

Immersed Gamer project is currently run by a single-person team. And that person is me (shocker). I’m Filip Krawański, a 24-year old freelance journalist with a deep passion and appreciation for the videogame industry and the culture surrounding video games.

I have half a year of experience with writing news, guides, and top 10 lists for major online outlets. I decided to venture out and try to build this website by myself to give gamers more of a unique perspective. My opinions on video games are often at odds with major publications, and I often find myself in agreement with more experience and “hardcore” gamers. This often nets me quite the attention either due to controversy or interesting takes.

My goal is to build up this site into a community by a gamer for gamers. A place where you can read your video game news without beating around the bush. And I strive to post only the truth. No matter how hard the actual truth is. Besides that, you can count on me publishing some opinion pieces, or top 10s. Because I know a lot of interesting stories from the industry, and I’m just dying to share with you all!

You can contact me for any inquiries or with suggestions at awesomemazgamer@gmail.com, or Mazgamer#2696 discord. Keep on gaming my friends!